Window Handles Replacement

Window handles are a crucial part of any window, and are a crucial part of its security, functionality and style. There are many options available for replacing window handles a worn or broken handle or searching for a new one.

When choosing a replacement, you should consider several factors. This article will go over the most popular window handle styles to help you find the best one for your home.


Window handles are an essential component of doors and windows that aid in opening and close them. They are designed to last longer and endure extreme wear. This is why they are suitable for all types of homes. They are also resistant to corrosion caused by the elements and other environmental conditions. However, eventually, the handles may need to be replaced due to wear and tear, or damage. It is crucial to replace the window handle as fast as possible if this happens.

Window handle replacement is simple however, you need to keep certain things in your mind. It is essential to first determine the kind and size of the window handle. It is usually a uPVC handle that is fixed to the frame of the window. In this instance you’ll have to remove the screws in the handle. After removing the screws you can take the handle off and replace it.

There are several different types of uPVC window handles, including in-line and Cranked. In-line handles can be rotated left or right. Cranked handles can be operated using one hand or with both hands. The height of the step of the handle is an important aspect. This is the distance that runs from the handle’s bottom to the frame on which it’s mounted.

Window handles come in a variety of styles, so it’s important to choose one that complements the overall style of your home. Some choices include traditional handles that are simple and elegant. Some are more modern and have features such as key locking that makes your home safer. You can also choose from a variety of colors, finishes and materials for your new window handles so you can customize them to match the style of your home.


Window handles are just an element of a wider window system, but they can make an enormous difference in the look and functionality of your house. They are typically located on the sash, where they are used to open or close the window. Some even have built-in locking mechanisms that can secure the windows against intruders. These handles are available in a variety of materials, styles, and colours to match any interior design scheme or style. These handles are fitted to both doors and windows and can be customized to match the exact specifications of any window.

Window handle styles vary from standard to premium, with the option of metal, wood and uPVC frames. These handles are long-lasting and durable and are available in a variety of finishes, including matte white and brushed Nickel. They are designed to be simple to hold and are often manufactured from resistant to corrosion, so that they last for an extended period of time.

Different handle styles are suitable for different types of windows. They can be fitted on sash windows as well as tilt and turn, as well as lift and slide windows. For example, uPVC window handles are often fitted to espag windows that utilize a spindle system to operate the windows. Aluminum tilt and turn windows need a larger and more robust handle that uses a latch-and-catch system.

The most popular window handle styles include Espagnolette handles, cockspur window handles and monkey tail window handles. They are the most popular handle types that can be found on uPVC windows, and they have a mental spindle on the back, which is attached to the window frame and drives the window mechanism. Cockspur window handles feature a spur on the back that is fixed in their position. They can be locked to prevent thieves from opening them. Monkey tail handles are designed like a tail of a monkey and are slim and long in shape. They are often employed as security measures on high-rise flats and are secured to prevent children from removing them.


It is essential to examine the window handles and hinges before replacing them. This will ensure that you get the right handle and lock for your uPVC windows. The spindle is a primary measurement you need to take. The spindle is the metallic bar that extends from the back of the handle. The length of the spindle determines the kind of handle you need to purchase.

The next measurement you need to be taking is the step height. This is the distance between the bottom of the window frame and the base of the handle. This is typically measured in millimetres. It is important to know this measurement when purchasing replacement handles because it affects the distance you can open the window.

There are many different types of handles that are able to be used on uPVC windows. Some are designed for specific types of windows, whereas others are more universal. You may choose the handle that best suits your personal preferences and design of your home.

Both cranked and straight uPVC handles are available. In-line handles can’t be turned right or left. Cranked handles are able to be turned left or right. You must determine whether your uPVC window is cranked or in-line before you purchase the proper window handles.

In-line uPVC window handles are popular and are found on various types of double glazed windows handles glazing windows including aluminum. These handles are simple to put in, and they look great on older and new houses. They are also extremely durable and are able to endure the elements. Additionally, they are ideal for those who want to add a modern touch to their home.

Find the spindle’s measurement and the step height when you are searching for an alternative uPVC handle. This will help you determine the ideal fit for your home. You can find these measurements by measuring the existing handle or asking an expert.

It is also important to note that when you have windows that tilt before turning you must measure the size of the hinges. If you don’t, you may end up buying the window handles replacement handles that aren’t long enough or too long for your window. This could be a huge hassle and is why it is recommended to measure the window hinges prior to making a purchase.


Window handles are useful hardware components that facilitate the opening, closing, and securing of windows. They are available in a wide range of styles and materials to match different window types and interior design aesthetics. They also have locking mechanisms to enhance security and Window handles replacement safety. Some of the most sought-after window handles are cranked, lift, and Espag handles.

Espag handles are typically found on uPVC windows that have double glazing. They are the most well-known kind of window handle in the UK. They have a spindle made of metal that extends from the back of the handle and is inserted into the gearbox of the lock inside the window frame. When the handle turns, the spindle rotates and the window opens. The handles are extremely secure and can be locked using keys.

The cockspur handle is a different kind of window handle suitable for aluminium, timber or uPVC windows. These handles share the same mechanism as Espag handles, but are more compact and easier to use. They are typically used in older homes with awning or casement windows. Cockspur handles can also be found on double-hung or sliding windows However, they are less frequent because of their difficulty in operation.

There are also tilt and turn handles. These are a type Espag handle which allows you to open the bottom hinged part of the window, and turn it inward. They are extremely secure and can be secured using a key. However they don’t offer as much ventilation as regular windows. The “tilt-before-turn” safety feature is available on both the tilt and turn handles. This allows you to close your window without having to release the function of the tilt handle.

Whatever style of handle you choose, it is important to be aware of the step height, which is the distance between the top of the nose on the handle and the top of the screw plate. This measurement is necessary to make sure that the new window handle will fit the existing hole and isn’t too high.

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