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Give your home a first impression that lasts with the best quality windows and doors from london glazier windows and doors. Visit our showrooms in Dorchester, Woodstock, Ingersoll and St Marys to find the best solution for your home.

Stile and rail are vertical and horizontal members that hold glass in the frame of a Door fitters london or window.


Frames are crucial to the appearance of windows whether you have a period cottage or a brand-new construction. Selecting the best frame material for your home is vital because it has a direct impact on how well your window functions, window replacement London how long it lasts and, ultimately, how much your home is worth.

There are three kinds of frames that are available: uPVC (also called polyvinyl chloride), aluminium, and wood. uPVC is the most sought-after choice due to its low-maintenance and energy-efficient properties. It comes in a range of colours and is available with a wood effect finish for an elegant look. It is durable and requires no maintenance, aside from cleaning. However should you reside in an area that is exposed, uPVC might not be the best option since it will degrade over time in extreme weather.

Aluminium is a good alternative for frames because it is sturdy and has an elegant design that is ideal for modern properties. It is also light and can be painted in any color RAL to get the perfect match to your building. It’s not as efficient as uPVC however it is a good option if you want a more eco-friendly option.

Steel is an excellent choice for older buildings as it can be powder coated to match the colour of your stonework or bricks. However, the problem with the traditional steel frames is that they are not thermally broken so they aren’t able to withstand the cold. Fortunately, technology in the 21st century has come to terms with this and now it is possible to have a minimal steel frame that has impressive thermal break performance.

Timber is a gorgeous material for any kind of property, but its cost is higher than other materials. However, it does offer one of the best aesthetics and, if taken care of properly, will last for a long time. It is crucial to choose an appropriately rated hardwood for your frames as not all woods are in the same way. A poor quality timber could cause premature degradation, as well as moisture intrusion and rot that could cause damage to your window replacement london window replacement; mouse click the next document, sashes and cills.


Sash windows are an element which can be found in many a period house. They are highly distinguishable and effortlessly elegant, with a gorgeous timeless design that has stood the test of time. There are numerous advantages to choosing windows with sash for your home, and they’ve been getting more popular throughout the years due to their aesthetic and practical benefits.

A sash window is a vertically sliding window fitters london that is equipped with two glazed panels that can be opened for ventilation, viewing out, and the list goes on. The opening and closing of sash windows is supported by a set of pulleys which are concealed in the window frame itself. These pulleys rarely break, and the fact that they are part of the window makes fixing them is easy and cost-effective.

During the Georgian period, sash windows became more popular, since they let in more light into the narrow streets and cottages. These sash windows had their glass panes split evenly in order to make them more affordable. The technology was not yet sophisticated enough to allow for larger panes to be produced consistently.

Nowadays, there are many different kinds of sash windows that are available, window replacement london however the traditional box sash is still one of the most well-liked options. These windows are a great option for those who wish to keep the appearance and feel of a period property, but with modern conveniences such as draught seals and security locks.

Sash windows are either double-hung or single-hung, based on the frame and design. A single hung sash has an opening at the bottom of the panel by sliding upwards, whereas double-hung sash have an upper and lower panel that can be opened by sliding horizontally across each other.

You should consult a window expert to determine what kind of sash window replacement london; mouse click the next document, is suitable for you. Sash windows, like are able to be fitted with various hardware, such as sash chains or sash lifts that help operate the windows while they are open. Sash windows can also be equipped with a staff bead which helps to keep sash windows in position and stop them from being pushed out of alignment due to winds or draughts.


Cills can be repaired by carefully removing decayed wood and inserting new timber. They should be designed to maximize strength, while preserving the historic fabric to the best extent possible. A drip is required to divert water away from the window’s bottom.

Oak was only used for the most prestigious homes or the first examples. It is therefore important that the cills used for new windows are sourced from this material, and then painted, primed and then incorporated with drip.

Small areas of loss and deterioration can be repaired with resin-based fillers mixed with wood dust or a timber consolidant. This can be a cost effective way of maximising the amount of historical fabric retained in repairs. This method can be extremely effective in creating good damaged sash frames where the damage has occurred as a result of poor maintenance.


The glass is often the most significant component of a window or door. It can be tinted or clear and can add to the architectural value of the structure. It also can provide significant energy savings by decreasing solar radiation. Tempered glass has been treated to withstand higher forces than normal on its surface. It breaks down into smaller pieces instead of splintering and also reduces the risk of flying fragments.

Historic glass should always be protected during repairs, and extreme care should be taken to shield it from accidental damage. Historic sash window may contain crown (a flat glass with curved ridging and air bubbles), or cylinder glass, which adds dimension and character to the facade. Original pieces of both types are rare and highly valuable. They must be secured whenever possible. Glass must be protected against paint strippers and chemical paint removers that could cause it to crack or break. The wood frames should be repaired and reapplied.

Resin-based repair products are able to remove paint that has been loosened and rust without harming the finish or profile of the wood. These products can be used to correct a variety of minor problems, including decay, rot and structural movement.

Sash windows are fixed windows in which the sash can be opened and closed by pivots, either at the top or bottom or at each side. This type of window is characterized by a an attractive appearance compared to operable sash and is often accompanied by a transom.

Casement windows – A kind of window that can swing open or shut using hinges on the sides or on a mullion that is between them. This kind of window is commonly seen on older homes and is often paired with fixed wings or panels to create bay windows.

Simulated divided-lites – A grid or grille that looks like it has separate panes separated by muntins, but is actually composed of larger lites and muntins positioned between them. This gives the appearance of a variety of smaller window units.

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