Men’s Masturbators

Whether you’re looking for an innovative way to enjoy solo masturbation or want to introduce your partner to the pleasures of sexually active toys, there’s an option for every man.

There are a myriad of sex toys, from tiny pouch pussies to doll-like sex toys that are like they’re real. But how do you determine which one to buy?

Tenga Easy Beat Egg Set

This tiny, discrete egg-shaped male masturbator is a great choice for anyone who would like to keep their sex toys secret. These egg-shaped sexy elastomer eggs can be made to expand drastically to fit all sizes and lengths of girths, and their super-stretchable sleeves allow for plenty of pleasure in any position.

They are also available in a variety of different textures and sensations , so you’ll be able to find the right one for you. The sleeve can be stretched out over your penis and pulled up to stroke along your erect shaft, allowing you to control the suction pressure and suction power as you like.

This sexual toy can be played by itself or in conjunction with partners. You can also pick from a range of lubricants. These disposable male masturbators for men are simple to use and are an excellent way of getting started in the world sex toys.

Tenga offers a wide selection of male masturbators. These include everything from the small Easy Beat Egg to the larger, orifice-replicating Fleshlights. These sex toys come in various designs and flavors so you are able to find the perfect one for you and your partner. And the best part is that they’re all made from body-safe thermoplastic elastomer. Be sure to dispose of them properly after each use.

Satisfyer Men’s Classic

The Satisfyer Classic for Men is a stylish and discreet masturbator that stimulates the entire penis. Its skin-like sleeves can be swapped out to feel realistic and is a winner because of its sleek design.

It features a super soft Inner sleeve of Cyberskin made to fit to the size of any man, and an ingenious internal pressure regulator that creates a varying suction effect. It is compatible with water-based oils and is able to be dismantled to clean.

This sex-toy is ergonomically designed for easy one-handed use. For an intense, satisfying climax, just hold it in one hand.

The Satisfyer Men’s Classic is an interchangeable sleeve constructed from a luxurious, soft Cyberskin material that feels more real skin than any other sleeve in the market. It comes with an innovative internal pressure regulator that delivers intense stimulation and suction to your penis with every stroke.

After playtime, you are able to easily clean the Satisfyer Men’s Classic’s Cyberskin inner sleeve with mild soap or toy-care fluid/ foam. If it’s a bit sticky, you can dust it with pure cornstarch powder (do not use baby powder or talc). This will keep your sleeves soft and supple for longer.

Fleshlight Go

The Fleshlight Go, a smaller version of the popular fleshlight toy, is perfect for guys up to average in size. It’s smaller than the full sized Fleshlight and is also simpler to clean.

This sex toy is available in various sizes and comes with a 5ml free bottle of lube. It’s not as elegant as the other products in this range however it’s very effective.

One of the main advantages of the Fleshlight is that it provides plenty of stimulation for the player. You can also experience an abundance of suction during the game, which improves the level of realism.

Another advantage of the Fleshlight is that it doesn’t absorb moisture making it a great choice for the bath or shower. This is a major difference from other pocket pussies, which absorb sweat and turn tackier.

Aside from its convenience it is also a great way to get around. Fleshlight also provides a lot of stimulation for the user, making masturbation more enjoyable. The suction cup can be used to create a variety of different experiences. You can also adjust the pressure by twisting it in any direction.

Fleshlight Torque

The Fleshlight Torque is a sex toy that’s compact, yet appears to be a bigger model. This is the ideal Fleshlight for men masturbators who are looking for a smaller Fleshlight but still want the same level of stimulation.

The Torque is a sex-themed toy from the Fleshlight Go series, which also includes the Flight and Quickshot models. It is smaller versions of the Crystal texture, designed to fit into the Go Fleshlight’s slim case.

The sleeve is also equipped with suction cap that is twistable that can be adjusted to regulate how much pressure the sleeves experience when you use it. You can make it easier to insert or tighter for more intense pleasure.

The sleeve is constructed of a safe, clear material that can be placed on the body and infused with Super Skin for a sensational experience on your penis. It’s the only sleeve which can be lubricated with water-based lubricants, but remember to clean the Torque out after each session to avoid clogging.


Lovense Calor is a waterproof male masturbator mens that can be recharged with multiple power levels and a variety of vibration patterns. It also features the ability to heat up which can be set to any temperature that you like.

The Calor is extremely simple to use: simply tap the bottom button to turn it off or on and then tap it to cycle through its three power levels and four pre-set vibration patterns. With the Lovense Remote app you can create as many as 10 custom vibration patterns.

This masturbator can also be controlled remotely via the Lovense Remote app, and can be linked to other Lovense toys. You can even video chat with your friend while playing.

The most impressive feature of Calor is its ability of detecting the depth of your penis and adjust its vibration patterns in line with. The sensors inside the toy sense the depth of your penis and transmit messages to the vibration motors. This results in stronger vibrations that allow for greater penetration.

This is a fantastic feature to consider when you’re selecting a masturbator because it will make your sessions more real. It also allows you to modify your experience to suit your preferences without having to worry about squeezing the device, which can be uncomfortable for some users.

Flip Zero EV

The Flip Zero EV is an improvement over the original Flip Zero, adding vibrating cores to the sleeve for an entirely new level of pleasure. When you press a button, you can feel a world of a different dimension through the rumbling vibrations in the elastomer sleeves.

It’s the first male masturbator to have two cores of vibrating that are contained in the sleeve. This provides it the ability to provide a new level of stimulation for its users. You can also adjust the intensity of each setting via a one button.

The Flip Zero EV is waterproof and comes with an accessory case that doubles as drying rack and charging stand. It’s easy to store and take with you on your travels. Just put a small bottle of lube in your bag and you’re good to go!

The Flip Zero EV is a well-designed, softand easy-to-clean electronic vibration masturbator for male. However, sensitive penises may feel that the vibrations are too intense.

Cobre Libre II

The Cobra Libre II men’s vibrator by Fun Factory delivers deep, vibrating vibrations directly to your penis head. The masturbator is water-proof, making it easy to clean after use.

This sex toy has two powerful motors, soft silicone sleeves, and eleven different vibration patterns. They range from slow “training speeds to rapid, intense vibrations that drive you to explosive orgasms.

It’s easy to use and thanks to a streamlined button interface that allows you to navigate through the eleven vibration settings. The Cobra Libre offers magnetic recharging through Click and’ Char technology.

While the majority of men masturbator‘s mens masturbators;, concentrate on the entire penis, the Cobra Libre II focuses on the glans and uses only the motors that vibrate to provide exact sensations. It comes in three shades: red, blue, and black.

The Cobra Libre II is made from medical-grade silicone. This is the most effective material for safety and hygiene. It’s a great option when you’re looking for an dependable and strong male masturbator that will last many years.

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