Replacement Handles For Windows

Double glazed windows are a common feature. Over time, they may get worn out or rusted.

You’ll have to know your current handle’s spindle length as well as its fixings before you replace it. This can be accomplished by examining the base of the handle that was previously used.


Over time, uPVC window handles and locks can become damaged due to wear and tear, or even deliberate damage. It could be that the lock or handle becomes difficult to close or open, or that they are not even locked. It may be tempting to replace the entire window unit when this occurs, but it’s not always necessary. In most instances the case, a new handle or lock is all that’s needed.

The espagnolette style is the most popular uPVC window handle. The handle comes with an external spindle that is protruding out of the handle. It slots into a gearbox that operates the multipoint locking system inside the window. We carry a wide selection of replacement handles and locks for all types of uPVC window to ensure that they function properly.

It’s recommended to replace the handle of a uPVC handle using screw covers to protect the screws from corrosion and to keep them secure. You can also make use of a spacer, washer or other sealant to create a more secure fit. A screw cap that is in place will also stop debris and water from getting into the handle and cause damage.

After the handle has been removed from the window it’s an ideal idea to scrub the spindle of the new handle, as well as the threaded part of the bolt. This will ensure that the handle is fitted and functions properly and will also stop dirt from entering the multipoint lock.

The next step is to install the new uPVC door handle replacement. It is crucial to follow the instructions provided by the handle you have purchased, and Replacement handles for windows to take a look at your previous one prior to beginning in order to understand how to proceed. The process is usually very easy. However, if you experience any issues that aren’t covered in this guide you should contact our team for further assistance.

You should also note that in the event that you are replacing the uPVC cockspur (also known as Espag handle) You will require the height of the steps of your window to determine the correct size handle. The step height is the distance between the base of the window and the point where the cockspur handles sits.


If your windows begin to close and open with a visible gap, this can be caused by the hinges not being in line with the frame. This is usually a simple fix that can be resolved by a brand new set of replacement hinges for windows. We can offer a variety of different options, and can even customise the size of the hinges to fit your requirements.

We can supply different types of hinges for Upvc and timber windows. They are available in a variety of colors to match the frames of your existing windows. They also come with all the fixings needed for installation. We can provide repair screw packs for double glazed windows with older style hinges. This will allow you to cut the thread back into the frame.

We have a variety of different hinge types including standard casement window hinges that can be used with a standard or tilt and turn handle up to fire escape egress hinges that are suitable for use on larger side hung windows. These hinges are designed to fully open in an urgent situation and include an easy-clean position. We also stock restricted egress hinges that are designed to limit the opening angle of the window to 100mm maximum perfect for Replacement Handles For Windows families with children.

Squeaky hinges may be an indication that the hinges need to be replaced. This is usually caused by metal hitting metal. A small drop of lubricant might help, but if the noise persists it is likely that the hinges will need to be replaced.

This is due to plumb windows being able to avoid optional binding. The operating sash is aligned with the frame so that the window will be able to open and close correctly. If a window is not plumb, it may have difficulty opening and closing, or may become stretched over time, which can cause problems with the seal and appearance of the window.

When you purchase replacement windows made of upvc hinges, you should be aware that they are available in either imperial or sizes in metric. In general the metric sizes are a little more precise, but this isn’t really evident when they are fitted. The first corner holes on the track are standard, however, the rest of the holes may vary depending on the hardware that was originally used. You should measure the hole spacings of your existing frame to ensure that the upvc hinges you purchase are the right size.


Over time, wear and tear can cause damage to the window handle and lock mechanism, or even the crank mechanism. This can make it more difficult to open and close your windows. It can also compromise their security. If you notice that your window is difficult to open or close, or hear a clicking noise when you turn the handle, it may be an indication that you need to replace the crank mechanism. If you are unable to lock your window, or the multipoint lock is damaged, it may also be worth looking into replacing this piece of hardware too.

A new window crank can easily be replaced with minimal effort, but it’s important to make sure you buy the right size replacement. You can determine whether the replacement double glazing window handles has the exact same height of step as the old one by measuring the distance from the guide for the crank arm bushing to the notch on the track at the bottom of the frame. Alternately, you can determine the length of the spindle on your existing handle to find out what size you need for a replacement double glazing window handles.

The type of door handle replacements that is fitted to your window will determine the kind of crank mechanism required for your casement and windows with awnings. Espag handles are equipped with a mental spindle on the back that is connected to the frame of the window and controls the window mechanism, while cockspur handle have pegs that are fixed in place by three or four screws that are inserted into the frame and sash.

Once you’ve found the correct replacement, it’s easy to install. First, remove any trim mounting screws on the casement cover of your window and carefully lift it off to reveal the insides of your window operator (Photo 1). Remove any trim screws that are rusted and then compare the new operating lever to the old to ensure that they match. Then, screw the new lever to the window frame, and replace any screws that were rusted or bent, then put the casement cover back over the mechanism.

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