Types of Windows and Doors

Windows can dramatically improve the look of your home’s value, and improve energy efficiency. They are easy to maintain and will keep your home warm throughout the year.

Mullion – A small fixed unit that is placed inside an operating door frame or window. Also referred to a sidelite or picture window.


The material you choose for doors and windows could significantly impact the overall appearance of your home and performance. UPVC is an increasingly popular choice for window and door frames due to its strength and energy efficiency. It is also referred to as PVCu, which stands for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride.

UPVC is a fantastic insulation material, and does not conduct heat like metal does. This means that UPVC can reduce your electricity bills and keep your home warm and warm. It is also an eco friendly product, as it is easily recycled.

If you’re considering UPVC for your home, know that it is able to be customized to fit any design style. You can also pick the color of uPVC to fit in with the decor of your home. You should choose a company specializing in UPVC installations to ensure the best results.

Ask about the warranty and service options when choosing a business that installs uPVC Windows. A reputable business will stand by their work and offer a guarantee on the products they sell. They will also provide you with a written estimate before starting any work.

Many homeowners don’t realize that UPVC is an eco-friendly material, but it is. UPVC is more eco-friendly than other materials and utilizes fewer resources in its manufacturing. UPVC is also easy to maintain and clean which makes it a great option for those who are environmentally conscious.

UPVC is a fantastic material for door and window frames however it’s not the best choice for all purposes. For example, PVC is a common material used in piping however, it is susceptible to deterioration over time. It also has phthalates and BPA which pose a risk to the human body and the environment. This makes it inequivalent to be used in toys and other products for children.

UPVC has a lot of advantages over wood, such as superior insulation and lower maintenance costs. Contact a local business to discuss your options if you’re ready to consider UPVC replacement windows for your home.


For those looking to upgrade their Basingstoke home with stunning double doors Our composite front door designs are an excellent alternative. These doors are constructed from wood as the core and upvc casement windows basingstoke or GRP on top. They offer high levels of thermal efficiency, security, and durability. These doors are able to withstand extreme physical assaults, and will safeguard your home from the harsh weather conditions.

They’re also designed to keep draughts and cold air at bay which allows you to stay comfortably all through the year. This allows you to lessen the dependence on your heating system and double glazed windows basingstoke save money over time. Our composite doors can stand up to the force of winds and heavy rain without bending or fading, giving you assurance that your property will be protected from the elements.

In terms of style Our composite doors come in a variety of woodgrain finishes that will give you the appearance and feel of a genuine wooden front door. This is achieved by using colorants that can replicate the natural grain of wood, creating a beautiful look for your home in Basingstoke.

As well as this, our composite doors are extremely easy to maintain. They won’t rot, fade, or bow and will only require an occasional wipe down to remove any accumulation of dirt. This will keep the doors looking like new for a long time. Our double doors are also incredibly energy efficient with double-glazed windows of premium quality aiding in capturing warm air within your home, ensuring you stay warm all year round.


Timber windows are an excellent alternative for homeowners who want to maintain the traditional look of their home. They can be made of either hardwood or softwood and are available in a broad selection of colors and finishes. Timber is also a more eco friendly material than many other types of window and door materials.

It is important to keep in mind that wood requires more care than other materials. Wood tends to shrink and expand depending on the weather and can cause cracks in varnish or paint. These cracks allow water in which can damage the wood and eventually lead to rot. It’s important to use a quality varnish or paint that’s waterproof to avoid these problems.

Modern timber windows have been constructed to resist the elements. These windows are ideal for homes in Basingstoke which are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Contrary to older timber frames which were prone to twisting and warping, modern timber windows are engineered to withstand these issues. They are also designed with high levels insulation to save energy.

If you opt for windows and doors made of timber in basingstoke door and window you’re selecting a premium product backed up by expert installation and excellent customer service. Jewel can supply and install the perfect solution to your home, no matter if you are looking for uPVC French Doors, uPVC patio Doors, uPVC stable doors or aluminum Bifold Doors.

Timber doors and windows can improve the appearance of any house in Basingstoke by adding an element of luxury to your interior design. The doors and windows are also an excellent choice for increasing the security of your house. Our doors made of timber are designed to resist impact to keep intruders away and your family inside safe. The doors can be fitted with additional locks for added security.

Contrary to uPVC and aluminum, timber is a natural substance that will not warp or twist. This natural property means that timber windows and doors are more durable and last longer than their uPVC and aluminum counterparts. In addition timber is indestructible to moisture, which can cause damage to the frame of your window. If you’re interested in upgrading your home with new timber windows and doors contact us today to begin!

Residence 9

Residence 9 Windows are a brand new window system that is based on the flush sash wood windows of the 19th century, which you can see in a variety of homes and cottages across the UK. They are the best option for those looking to replace your traditional double glazing without compromising the character appearance of your home.

They are made-to-measure so they are perfectly sized. They have ornate details on the inside and are in a perfect line with the outside. They are available in a wide range of colours so you can select ones that complement your existing doors and fittings. You can also choose of a cill made from wood. Every window is hand finished by a skilled craftsman. This guarantees that the mechanical joints are completed with the care and precision they require. This is something that machines cannot do.

The uPVC profile that is used to create the Residence 9 window is highly energy efficient. They are produced using high standards and offer excellent thermal, acoustic, and strength performance. These windows and doors basingstoke come with double and triple glazing to help reduce your energy costs.

They are able to be used in conservation areas if they comply with Article 4 Conservation guidelines. This means that replacement windows have to be “in line” with the original windows in order to preserve the aesthetics of the past on your property. The flush sash design of the Residence 9 is one of the reasons why it is so popular among homeowners who want to keep the traditional look of their home.

In contrast to traditional timber windows, Residence 9 windows will never require painting or sanding. They are also extremely secure, with internal beads to prevent intruders from gaining access through the glass. They are an excellent choice for older homes or those who require increased security.

The “9” in the title of the Residence 9 is due to its 9 chambers. This provides it with market-leading audio and thermal performance. It’s so great, in fact, that it can earn an A+ rating with Double glazed windows Basingstoke glazing, or an A++ rating with triple glazing. This is something other replacement windows struggle to attain.

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