Treehouse Bunk Beds

From loft bunks to novelty bunks, kids beds come in a variety of styles. Pick a bed that is suitable for the space available and your child’s needs.

This unique treehouse loft bed will transform your bedtime into an exciting adventure. Kids will love playing in their own private home.

Space Saving

Bunk beds are a fantastic way to save space. Bunk beds are a great way to make space. They can also be a great option for families who have several children and wish to share one room. Bunk bed finishes and styles are a variety. Some bunk beds might come with additional storage space or features that help you to reach the top bunk. Some come with a safety ladder or rails to avoid accidents.

This treehouse loft bed will transform your sleep time into a thrilling adventure. This unique design is perfect for young children who love to look at the world from above. They can play in small caves or build huts while sleeping comfortably. The bunk on the bottom is set at a height that is low enough that it doesn’t feel like they are sleeping on a raised bed.

The fun treehouse bed is constructed of wood and has stunning details. It’s a wonderful addition to any child’s room and offers plenty of space for your kids to play. It has a built-in ladder that is easy to climb and a slat roll foundation which eliminates the need for the use of a box spring.

The top bunk is accessible by climbing the three-rung ladder, which is sturdy and simple to use. This bunk bed is available in dark grey, and features a rustic style that will complement any bedroom decor.

More Kids in Less Rooms

A treehouse bunk bed allows you to accommodate more children in a smaller space. This is perfect for families with multiple children in the same room. These beds are built with safety in mind. They usually come with sturdy guard rails on the top bunk and a ladder that’s easy to use even by younger siblings. Certain models have an under-bed trundle bed, allowing you to sleep an additional child or guest if needed. Bunks can also be customized with a range of unique options, like stairs that turn into the side of the bed (keeping the ladder out of the way and making the climb easy for toddlers) or a set of bookshelves that add a functional element to the top bunk.

This fun setup from the blog Treehouser is an excellent method to make the most of your space, especially if you don’t have enough room for a bunk bed. It transforms an existing bed into a tent loft and then creates an office in the alcove above. It’s a creative solution to an unruly space that will surely make bedtime more exciting for children.

A treehouse bunk with slide is another great alternative. This one, by Wayfair is a great option. Kids can climb up the slanted stairs and peek through the window before whizzing through the slide while getting ready for the bed. Dress up the bunk beds with themed bedding and create a forest hideaway or den. Or, you can make a beach hut.

A treehouse bunk bed with twin beds that can be detached is a great choice for growing children who need their own sleeping space. The Calhan Bunk Bed from Pottery Barn can fit two twin mattresses in a traditional arrangement or can be separated into a separate free-standing bed when your children reach their teenage years.

More Fun

Treehouse bunk bed treehouse beds are an innovative way to bring fun into kids’ bedrooms. These creative bunks transform sleep time into a thrilling adventure thanks to their windows, ladders, and cozy corners. In contrast to standard twin and double beds, the treehouse bunks allow children to climb up and down independently to give them their independence, as well as providing the ideal environment for imaginative play and sleepovers with their friends.

Our stunning Ethan treehouse loft bed lets your child to climb up to their top bed through a built-in ladder that can be used as a space saver. This twin size bunk bed in a Dark Grey finish with a Cottage style is the ideal choice for children who love to pretend they’re sleeping in their own private fort. This loft bed is an amazing focal point in any bedroom for children. It can even be painted to your personal color to create the most stunning bunk beds for your children.

This fun treehouse cabin bed from Mathy By Bols is a kid’ dream come true. They can clamber up the slanted staircase to look out the window, then race down the slide to do it all over again. The lower platform is ideal for a study or playroom. It’s also a great place to relax and read the latest book.

This cool twin cabin bed in the treehouse beds is a beautiful way to bring the outdoors inside. Its windows and roof make perfect for setting the scene for a variety of imaginative games, and it can be outfitted with soft furnishings to match your kids’ bedroom theme. Dress it up to appear like a jungle den or an hut. Add fairy lights to make bedtime magical.


This unique bunk bed allows kids to enjoy the same excitement of playing in tree houses. Children can spend their days playing and dreaming, hiding, growing, learning and reading in this lovely cottage, before turning it into a comfy sleeping space at night.

This deluxe wooden bunk is an excellent investment. It’s durable and looks stunning. The ladder is finished in elegant metal and is available in two grey colors. The slatted bed base is comfortable and provides ample support for mattresses (which are sold separately). The play curtains that are starry transform the bottom bunk from a dull bedroom into a jolly and cosy cave.

This stylish bunk bed was created by the French label Parisot. It is simple lines and gray-colored finish. It also has a central ladder. It’s a bit more difficult build than its competitors but the instructions are easy to follow. It also has the benefit of integrated storage, with drawers under the bed that can hold everything from books to toys.

This treehouse loft bed is ultimate in style and will make your kids the envy of all their friends. Sleepover invitations are likely to be abundant. This beautiful bunk bed is handmade in Belgium by Mathy By Bols and can be customized to match your bedroom decor with 26 different colors. The top bunk is designed with rough boards and saw cuts to resemble the appearance of a tree, twin tree house bunk bed while the space beneath can be used in a variety of ways, such as a play den as well as a creative corner or storage space.

The twin-overtwin bunk bed from Pottery Barn is customizable to accommodate your space. You can even add a full-size bed on wheels underneath the upper level. The ladder can be affixed to either the left or the right side of the frame. You can also add the option of a white or black guard rail to keep your child from falling off the bed in the dark.


This tree bunk bed for the house can transform your child’s bedroom into a heavenly place in the trees, where they can rest, dream, play, invent, hide away, find themselves and grow. This is a stunning accent piece that can be a great addition to any child’s room. It has been made to be safe. The bed is constructed from solid pine, and complies with all ASTM and CPSC standards.

It can be used either as a twin over a full bunk bed or it can be converted into a loft-style bed with a platform on top for the mattress, and the lower bed on the floor. It is customizable to meet your specific requirements and can be painted in any colour. The window panels as well as the sides of the bunk bed are reversible, allowing you to customize the look of your child’s bedroom.

If you pair it with the appropriate bedding, your children can turn their bunk into a hideaway in the jungle, a woodland cabin or even a beach hut. They can decorate their bunk with fairy lights or other knick-knacks that match their personal tastes. Making their own story every night is so much more enjoyable for children than lying on a single bed over and over repeatedly.

P’kolino is a maker of fashionable and fun children’s furniture. The tree house bunk bed is constructed sustainably out of FSC certified pine wood that is sourced thoughtfully and sustainably harvested. It is independently tested and engineered to be durable and strong and to stand up to the wear and tear of growing kids. It is also secure and well-designed to be shipped efficiently in a single box to minimize the environmental impact. The bunk can accommodate two standard twin tree house bunk bed (explanation) mattresses (sold separately) and is in compliance with all US, European and Canadian safety standards.

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