Making Your Own Replacement Key For saab replacement keys 93 key ( 93 Viggen

Saab owners who lose a key may be worried about the expense and inconvenience of replacing it. You can avoid these expenses by making your own key fob.

You’ll require a phillips screwdriver that is flathead to do this. Insert the flathead screwdriver in the slot in the middle of the case and slowly open it.


Some used cars come with only one key, but most SAABs have two keys. In this scenario, the owner will have to purchase the new key. This can be costly. There are several ways to cut down on this procedure. For example, if you simply need a replacement key fob case and you want to save money by purchasing an old case from the dealership. These cases do not have the emergency badge or key, and tend to wear out quickly.

In addition to the cost of a new key, you must also pay for saab 93 Key the installation and programming of the TWICE module. These costs can add up quickly and especially if you don’t have an extra.

It is essential to have two keys in your vehicle. This way, in the event that you lose the only key that works you won’t end up without a means of transportation.

The good news is that adding an additional key to your Saab 9-3 doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem. The main issue with this is that the key has to be paired with the car’s computer. This can be accomplished by a dealer, but it can take a while to arrange an appointment. Fortunately, you can find the necessary information online to help you with the procedure.


Most Saab vehicles built after 1995 have an immobilizer system that uses keys to control the engine. The system also controls doors’ locks as well as the remote functions for the vehicle. It is vital to have a spare to avoid losing your original key or having your vehicle stolen. If you lose your primary Saab working key, there are numerous ways to replace it without paying for expensive dealer services.

First, you need to prepare the new key fob. It is done by using the flathead screwdriver for prying the case open. You just need to insert the screwdriver into a small slot in the middle of the case and slowly work it. If you’re having trouble, try using different angles. After you’ve opened the case, you can remove the electronics and put them in a brand new fob case.

You can begin the process of programming once you have the replacement key and fob. You will need to hook up your Tech2 and follow the steps for the NG 9-3 (with or without a key). It is advised to get a replacement unit TWICE that has been mated with the correct key and transponder. You can locate this unit online. However, you must ensure that it is an OEM replacement.


In general, adding an extra key for Saab 9-3 requires the use of a specific tool known as Tech 2. Tech 2. It also requires programming the vehicle to recognize the new keys. This procedure is more complex than simply copying the metal key, and should be handled by a professional in order to avoid damaging the vehicle’s electronic system. If you’re considering acquiring the spare key to your vehicle, it’s best to get it done as soon as you can. If you delay it could cost you a lot more in future.

You’ll also have to replace either the CIM or TWICE modules. This is typically an order by mail, and it’s not something that you can do with an aftermarket supplier. Depending on the car model it could cost quite expensive.

The dealer will charge you top dollar for replacing the car computer, but there’s a different option! S.A. Locksmith & Security can re-program your saab key programming near me computer to prepare it for the new key. This will reduce the cost of purchasing a new car computer. This service is fast, affordable and easy. It can save you 50% or more in comparison to the price a dealer would charge you! This is a great solution for those who have lost their keys.


The saab key fob 9-3 Viggen was among the most distinctive cars that ever wore the Saab badge. It was a Scandinavian front-drive fighter jet inspired monster that was swift and fun to drive. Although a number of other Saab models were built after it, few were as unique.

It’s important that you replace your Saab 9-3’s keys fob when you lose it. In contrast to the more typical European hot hatchbacks, Saab vehicles come with an immobilizer system that requires a distinct key to begin. The replacement process is straightforward if you have a spare key, however it can be expensive and lengthy if you don’t have an extra.

You can save money by purchasing a second-hand replacement key fob, and then having it programmed by a locksmith in your area. Be cautious when buying used keys on eBay and other online outlets. They may not be genuine and you may end having to pay more in the long run.

Anyone can take out the electronics and battery of an old key fob with the screwdriver’s small flathead. Be cautious not to harm any of the small electronic components within the case. Avoid pouring liquids inside the case as this can cause damage. Additionally, you should not purchase a cloned key from any retailer that sells aftermarket keys since they might not work with the CIM of your vehicle.

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