How Much Do Replacement Car Keys Cost?

The cost of replacing a vehicle key or FOB is influenced by several factors. It all depends on whether you’re duplicating a key or you need to make one.

The next step is based on the type of car you use. An auto locksmith is often the fastest and cheapest solution for older mechanical models.

What is Included in the Package?

The cost of replacing your car keys will depend on the model the year, model and make of your car. Keys can cost from $10 to $15, but the cost of fobs and transponder chips can range from $100 to $300 when you need one or more replaced.

Many insurance companies offer locksmiths to assist customers who’ve lost car key replacement cost or stolen their keys to their car. They can be lifesavers when in an emergency but only if have lost your keys or were destroyed in a house fire. Insurance companies might not assist you if you try to the door to open by breaking windows or by using wire hangers.

Certain older vehicles use basic mechanical keys that most locksmiths can duplicate at just $5 to $25. Some newer cars have advanced technology that can only be handled by dealerships. Smart keys, proximity fobs and autokeysrus remote starters are a few examples. These require a transponder chips which works on specific security codes. It has to be programmed.

Keys with Transponders

Car keys with transponders, also called chip keys, are a great security feature for vehicles. They are equipped with a microchip in them that sends a low-level signal to the car that it is the correct key. The car then uses this information to determine whether it is safe to unlock or power up. This means that a burglar isn’t able to use a stolen car key to start your vehicle.

The cost of replacing a key using a transponder typically is higher than the cost to replace car keys of a non-transponder basic key. This is because the car must be programmed to recognize the chip as the right one. It is essential to select a locksmith professional who is knowledgeable of the latest technology as well as your specific model and make.

If you own a conventional mechanical key that doesn’t contain a transponder, you can likely find a replacement at a hardware store or a chain like AutoZone. It’s not recommended as these keys aren’t designed to be used for a long time. To purchase a new, functioning key, visit your local locksmith.

Keys with Chips

Keys made of chip are more expensive than mechanical keys made of metal. As an anti-theft measure the majority of modern cars have these types of keys with a small transponder inside the head of the key. This transponder communicates with the vehicle in order to ensure that the key is authentic and is able to unlock doors and also start the engine.

The locksmith or dealer can tell you if the key has this feature based on the year, model and year of your vehicle by going through your manual or asking you to take your vehicle in for a service.

Some classic cars have mechanical keys that are only $5. Rare keys can be as high as $25. It is still necessary to pay to cut and program them.

Laser-Cut Keys

Laser-cut keys were introduced in the 1990’s as an alternative to traditional car keys. These keys are designed with a unique code and a lock cylinder that can only accept the correct transponder. If a criminal attempts to open your vehicle using one of these keys, the vehicle will identify it as a false key and will not start.

They are typically more expensive than traditional mechanical cut keys, but they’re also more secure. Rather than having a notch on their sides the laser cut keys have a winding groove in the middle, which is cut at a certain depth in the middle of the key blade. This unique design has earned these keys the nickname of sidewinder keys.

Locksmiths at 1-800-Unlocks utilize the latest equipment to duplicate and create laser-cut key fobs for your vehicle. Bring your laser-cut key to one of our family-owned and autokeysrus operated locations for the best service. Our team of highly trained experts will ensure that your replacement key is created with the correct code to function flawlessly.

Switchblade Keys

The most recent car keys feature advanced features that can be costly to replace. They come with a key fob that allows you to start your car with the press of a button and are also equipped with a conventional metal key that connects to the fob. You will need to visit the dealer to obtain these replacement keys that can cost up to $400.

This kind of key is equipped with an electronic security chip that sends an alarm when it is installed in the ignition. This kind of key for cars is costly to replace since it was designed to be harder to copy or steal.

Keys that flip or switchblade are designed to fold down into the fob of the car when not being used. They are gaining popularity because they are small and have a smart appearance. Some services can convert car keys to switchblade keys, which can lower the cost of replacement car key cost. The key’s shank or base can be pulled back into the fob with the push of a button and pop it out whenever needed.

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