Types of Double Glazed Windows Handles

UPVC window handles play a vital part in the double glazing process. They are used to control the locking and seal the window, which improves energy efficiency.

Window handles made by Espag have seven millimeter square spindles that enters the frame to engage with the multi-point locking system. Both cranked and inline versions are available that can be turned left or right.


The most popular type of window handle, Espag handles and hinges are able to be used with espagnolette locks and can be used on uPVC or aluminium, as well as timber windows. The handle turns a multi-point locking mechanism around the perimeter of the window, making it secure when it is closed.

The window handle from Espag features a spindle that is mental on the back which fits into a screw within the frame of the window, and when the handle is pulled down and turned it will either unlock or close the window. The handle can be fitted with keys, making it more secure than most other double-glazed window handles.

Cranked and straight replacement handles for windows are available in a variety of styles. Straight handles are universal and can be used with both left and right opening windows. Cranked handles feature an offset lever design which will give the user more space from the frame’s edge when operating the window.

It is important to check spindle length before purchasing the new set of espag windows handle. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. McCoy Mart offers a variety of spindle sizes, which range from 10mm up to 40mm. This makes it easy to select the right one for your windows.

The Yale Quartus Espag Handle is an extremely popular choice. It was designed, developed and thoroughly tested in the UK and is designed to meet the highest standards of security and usability. This handle is elegant and durable. It’s made from strong die-casting zinc and has durable finishes.

The handle is an excellent choice for those who want a sleek and minimalist style, with a narrow design that will look at the right place on any window. It’s also a practical choice, as it can be locked with keys, making it a great deterrent to break-ins. The handle, which is manufactured by the market leader Yale offers 10 years of guarantee on both its surface and mechanical components. The handle is available in both straight and cranked models, with a variety options for finishes.


The Cockspur handle is a fashionable ergonomic design that matches the rest of the Sparta range. It is a popular choice for doors and windows that require a bit of grip. This type of handle is often used for wooden windows and doors due to the fact that it has a bigger latch and catch than other kinds of handles. This can make it easier to open and close. This handle comes in a variety of sizes and finishes to match various door and window styles.

The cockspur handle is curvature that makes it easy to hold and is ideal to use with uPVC or timber windows and doors. The latch and catch are placed at 90 degrees to one other at the frame’s corner which is perfect for small spaces. The handle is constructed of weatherproof, durable material and is designed to withstand heavy usage. This handle is also available in a number of colors to match your replacement door handles or window frame.

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Tilt & Turn

A well-known European window type that has been gaining popularity in the US tilt and turn windows offer both security and ventilation in a stylish package. In the “tilt” position one handle lets the top portion of the window to tilt inwards, allowing fresh air to enter your home. In the “turn” position simply twisting the handle allows the replacement window handle to open inward on side hinges, much like the casement window. Dual-direction windows offer flexibility and control that’s not offered by other types of windows.

With a high degree of security, this type of window is an excellent choice for families. The locking mechanism is suitable for children which means it’s safe to let air in while keeping your kids and pets safe. It is easily adjusted to becomes an emergency exit if there’s an emergency fire. This style of window is also easy to clean and provides flexible ventilation.

uPVC tilt and turn windows are designed to last a lifetime without any problems. They are also resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion which is beneficial in areas with severe summers or winters. The durability and longevity of these windows make them an excellent investment for your home’s premium.

Tilt-and-turn windows are designed for security, with features such as multipoint locks and hidden manyroom pins that block entry by unauthorized persons. When shut, they feature an impervious seal that stops rain from entering the home. This feature can also help with energy efficiency since it will lower your cooling and heating costs.

Tilt and turn windows are simple to maintain however, it is vital to regularly check and clean them. Regular cleaning with a mild soap and Double glazed windows handles water solution will help ensure they remain in good working order. Examine the window seals to determine if they are damaged or worn. This could lead to drafts, as well as energy loss. It is essential to replace any window seals that are showing signs of wear and tear.


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