Ghost 2 Immobiliser Problems

The Ghost 2 immobiliser, designed to safeguard cars from key cloning or hacking how much is a ghost immobiliser a small device that can be put in place without causing any damage to your vehicle. It stops you from starting your car unless you enter the correct sequence of keys in your vehicle. This is similar to a mobile password.


Ghost immobilisers protect vehicles from being stolen by stopping the engine from starting until it receives the right PIN code. This is accomplished without altering the vehicle, and is largely undetectable by thieves. The unit is directly connected to the ECU through the CAN databus to immobilise the vehicle. This system is similar to the one that automobile manufacturers have been using in their vehicles for a long time However, thieves can’t add a new key or use key relay technology to bypass it, as they could with factory-installed systems.

Ghost Ghost can be fitted to any vehicle, van motorhome, caravan, or bicycle with an engine and is compatible with all the popular brands of vehicles. The same system is also compatible with electric vehicles. It is an excellent alternative to steering wheel locks and wheel clamps and can be installed with a minimum of effort.

When the Ghost is armed it will block all buttons in your vehicle and prevent the ignition from being started without a PIN code having been entered before. This can be accomplished using the Android or Apple mobile app or by manually entering the code through your key fob. If a wrong code is entered the app will show an indicator light and the Ghost will not allow the vehicle to be started again. This is a great deterrent and if the vehicle can’t be started the thief will continue to pursue a new area of.

The ghost immobiliser liverpool is tiny weatherproof device that is able to be hidden in the most difficult-to-access areas of your car. Installation takes between 20 and 30 minutes for each vehicle. It is also easy to remove if you decide to change your vehicle or hand it in for service or valet parking. It is an TASSA (Tracking and Aftermarket Security Systems Association), insurance approved system, which is recognized by some insurers. It also features an emergency security feature that is secured by Pin Code Override, and a Service/Valet mode which can be activated by pressing a button in the app or by using your key fob.


Unlike the mechanical anti-theft devices, which are able to be removed Ghost immobilisers are hidden and integrated into the car. Even if they were to be found and stolen, thieves would not be able to start the vehicle. They are nearly impossible to hack or bypass. ghost immobiliser install immobilisers are able to prevent key cloning and signal jamming and devices spoofing. These are techniques thieves employ to gain entry into cars with standard immobilisers.

An immobiliser operates by sending a code to the ECU (electronic control unit). If the wrong code is received the vehicle will not be launched as the engine will not fire up. While it is possible to disable the ghost immobiliser by using an application program, this would be very lengthy and complicated. The software can only be installed and operated by a authorised installer.

The Ghost immobiliser, a tiny device, is hidden in the wiring loom of the vehicle. It is invisible to the naked eye once installed. It doesn’t show up on diagnostic systems. There are no indicators with LEDs, and it isn’t able to communicate with the engine through the OBD port. It communicates in silence via the CAN data loop.

The system will not allow the vehicle to start unless it receives an input PIN code that is entered by the user. This can be entered using buttons on the steering wheel or door panels, or on the centre console. This is a safer way to safeguard your car since it doesn’t require an additional remote control or key fob.

In addition to this Ghost offers the option of a service mode that can be activated through the application on your mobile phone. This allows you to give your keys to someone for servicing or valet parking without entering the disarm sequence.

Whether your Ghost is in service mode or not, you should not attempt to remove the system on your own as it can affect your engine and cause damage. It is recommended to contact an installer certified by TASSA who will safely and effectively remove the system. Our newest GHOST immobilisers come with a unique fingerprint QR sticker, which is hidden in various areas of your vehicle. They are connected to our security register. In the event that the device is removed and then is sold on the blackmarket it will be able to trace the owner of the system.


The anti-hijack function is a very important feature of the Ghost Immobiliser 2. This is a sophisticated key that shields your vehicle from thieves. When the ignition switch is switched to on and the vehicle is stationary for 30 seconds, the Ghost system will automatically stall the engine and turn on the hazards lights on. This gives the driver and passengers enough time to press the security button before the system is activated.

The Ghost system, unlike most competitors, utilizes an electronic timer and controller that will close the valve for shut-off of fuel 14 after a predetermined period of time. This is regardless of whether the ignition is on. The delay period must be sufficient to allow the person who was hijacked to get away, and stay a safe distance from the vehicle that is stalled before the system is reactivated.

The Ghost has an additional level of security that blocks common hacking methods used to gain entry to modern cars like relay attacks and key range extending. This is because the Ghost system communicates silently and doesn’t emit any signals that could be picked up by a thief using RF scanning or code grabbing technology.

The Ghost system features the valet or service mode that allows your car to be temporarily started and driven, without the need for PIN code. This is ideal for parking your vehicle and have to leave it for a brief period of time, such as for Ghost 2 Immobiliser Problems example to put groceries in the boot or open a garage door. The system will be able to exit service mode depending on the speed and time or by using the easy PIN code entry procedure, giving you complete assurance that only you can utilize your vehicle!

Keyless Entry

Many customers are now seeking out additional security measures due to the increasing trend of thefts from cars using contactless. This is particularly true for those who have invested time or money to personalize their vehicle and own rare/expensive vehicles. An immobiliser add-on can be a cost-effective way to prevent this kind of theft since it will stop your vehicle from starting unless the correct pin code is entered into your key fob.

Immobilisers are made to block a variety of vehicle circuits which include those that control the starter motor and fuel pump. They can also shut off the car alarm in order to attract attention and deter potential thieves.

These devices communicate directly with the engine control unit using the CAN data network. They hinder thieves from gaining access to it by installing a new ECU or using key programmers. These immobilisers can be fitted discreetly in your vehicle, leaving no marks and are completely invisible to the tools sophisticated thieves use.

As opposed to other systems that require a particular application, or a tag to be worn on the person of the driver the Ghost immobiliser can only be deactivated by pressing a pattern of the existing electronic buttons on your steering wheel, door panel and centre console, allowing you to choose a personal pin sequence. The pin can be changed as frequently as you’d like, meaning the device is as secure as a credit card and is even more difficult to break because it requires up to 20 presses.

Ghost also comes with a Valet/Service mode, which permits you to deactivate it if you intend to give your vehicle to valet parking, or for service. This allows the system to operate within parameters, such as a 30-mph speed limit. The system can be reactivated using the original key or entry code.

This makes it the most efficient and secure aftermarket CAN immobiliser on the market, and is insurance-approved by Thatcham as an accessory to your vehicle when installed by one of our certified installers. The Ghost 2 immobiliser comes with six QR fingerprint labels as well as an ISR contact card with your unique QR codes, along with a secure emergency code. These are all kept in your wallet or purse.

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