Upvc Door Lock Replacements

You may need to change your upvc lock for several reasons. Perhaps you’ve lost your key, or the barrel is damaged.

It is crucial to have your replacement for your upvc lock done by an expert. This will ensure that the work is completed to a high standard and will provide the security you require.

Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is that part of the lock that is opened by keys. It is separate from the body of the window lock repair (which includes the locking mechanisms) by the screw that is used to reattach the lock. Standard cylinders feature a pin tumbler mechanism that is pressed by the key on one side, and the locking cam on the other. This triggers the bolt mechanism. The cylinder can be modified to alter the lock’s key operation, design, or level of security.

The most common type of cylinder used on uPVC doors is the Euro profile cylinder, but there are British standard and anti-snap models available. The higher security cylinders have a more complex pin tumbler and other components that help fight against burglary methods like lock bumping or snap guns.

To replace the cylinder, you will need to remove the handle from the door, and then remove a screw that is used to hold it in the position. After that, you can remove the old cylinder before putting in the new one. This process can be more difficult for older uPVC locks that are older than 20 years, [Redirect-302] but the newer ones are designed with stronger materials and can be easily fitted with the correct tools.

It is crucial to find the right size cylinder for your door, or else you may have trouble fitting it. The dimensions are usually measured from the center of the circular part in the keyhole to the middle of the square spindle. This measurement is referred to as the PZ dimension.

Insert the cylinder into the double glazed door lock lock, then turn the key to see whether it’s the right size. If you can’t turn the key without difficulty, it’s time to get another replacement.

Some people will choose to have their uPVC doors with cylinder locks replaced following a break-in or other event where the locks were damaged. Others may simply need to increase the security of their home or business. In some cases upgrading your locks could be a legal requirement.

Lock Handle

Locksmiths can carry out the simple job of changing the barrels of locks on a upvc front door. It can be done within minutes. There are many reasons to change the locks. Your tenants may have left without returning the keys. You might have lost the key.

You’ll need to take off the handle and the cylinder from the door in order to access the screw hole in the back plate. This is usually done using a screwdriver and can be relatively simple, but you should be careful not to damage the handle or the cylinder cover. After you have removed the handle and cylinder you’ll need to take measurements of the upvc lock mechanism to determine if you want to purchase a new cylinder. The PZ and Backset are the two most important measurements.

If you know the manufacturer of your lock mechanism made of upvc then you should make a new cylinder with the one you have. If you can spot a name on the faceplate, then that’s your brand. The shape of the gearbox is also a way to identify the brand.

There are a variety of Upvc locks, including euro cylinder locks as well as anti-snap euro-cylinder locks. They can look very similar, however they differ in some ways that affect their security. The euro cylinder lock that is anti-snap is more difficult to open than standard euro cylinder locks.

You can buy the lock parts made of pvc and do it yourself as long as you know how to use a screwdriver however, it is generally recommended that you leave this type of job to professionals. They can provide you with the correct parts and finish the job quickly and to a very high standard. A professional will be able to repair any damage that could be caused by the process.

Fixing Plates

One of the most frequent problems with doors made of upvc is that the latch does not reach the strike plate. This can cause the door to bind or fail to close. The most common reason is that the strike plate isn’t correctly positioned to the frame. To fix this, simply move the strike plate up and down until it is properly aligned with the frame. Alternatively, tightening the hinges might aid. It is important not to over tighten the screws since this can cause them to break.

It’s not as difficult as you may think to locate replacement handles for upvc doors. There are many types of handles on the internet. The handle type you choose should match the cylinder and keyhole that are present on your door made of upvc. To ensure this, you should take a measurement of the distance between cylinder center and the keyhole, as well as the spindle of the handle. It is also important to ensure whether the spring cassette is compatible.

Another way to upgrade your doors made of upvc is to install a brand new lock mechanism. There are several options available including locks specifically designed for use in homes to ones that are suitable for commercial applications. A majority of locks are made to resist harsh conditions and include many different features.

Whether you are looking for an Upvc door replacement handle or a new lock, Fab and Fix has what you need. They have a range of handles in various styles and colors. They’re all made from high-quality materials. They are also tested for various security standards. They are also easy to install. They are also affordable and provide great value for your money.


When a uPVC door lock fails, the issue can often be confined to the gearbox instead of the entire multipoint mechanism. It is much easier to replace the gearbox than the handle or barrel. This can be accomplished by any competent DIYer.

Making use of the correct tools and following the right procedure is the key to success in changing a uPVC transmission. If you own an screwdriver and tape measure, this procedure is fairly simple and can be completed within an hour. Before you begin, [empty] it is worth ensuring that you have the right type of gear box for the door you are using and this will usually be mentioned in the description of the product.

Always ensure that you are using a British Kite marked lock for your uPVC door, as these will include the most recent security features that guard against a variety of methods including the recent phenomenon known as “lock snapping”. This means that the UK government will test and confirm the lock as high-security.

Before you start the process of replacing lock on upvc door your uPVC lock, it is essential that the door is opened or secured securely to ensure that it will not close during the procedures. It is first necessary to loosen the long screw that holds the handle in place. Ensure that you secure this screw because it will have to be reattached later.

After removing the screw you can take off the handle and view the inside of the cylinder for the first time. After you have removed the old cylinder, you must carefully insert the new cylinder. Make sure it’s flush against the barrel of your lock. After you are satisfied that everything is in its proper location, you can put into the long screw and then fix the handle in its original position.

The most frequent reason for the uPVC door handle not lifting enough to lock is the lack of lubrication, however, in some instances, the issue could be due to a full mechanism malfunction. If you suspect this, it’s best to contact a locksmith.

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