A Gaming High Sleeper

A gaming high sleeper is the ideal bed for any kid who enjoys playing. The beds are built with a desk large enough to accommodate multiple monitors as well as shelves for a console and PC as well as plenty of space underneath to make a comfortable gaming chair.

The Kids Avenue Podbed comes in dark grey with carbon fibre and red print details. This cool looking design is designed to fit a UK single mattress and comes complete with an LED lightstrip that has colour changing options.

Kids Avenue Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper 5 Bed

This fantastic gaming high sleeper is perfect for teenagers and children who enjoy playing from dawn until dusk. It has a built-in desk, which is ideal for multiple monitor configurations, as well as storage beneath for a tower unit. It also has LED strip lighting for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Kids Avenue Urban Grey PC gaming high sleeper bunk bed sleeper (go to Fiore Official Co) 5 Bed is constructed from MDF and solid pine with a an ethereal white painted finish. It has treads for ladders and grey MDF Gable End contrasts that are that are designed to be safe. The ladder can be affixed to either side of the frame and has large ladder steps with cut-out handles that allow for safe access to sleeping area above.

The desk built in has a raised shelf that’s perfect for monitors, and it has storage units beneath to accommodate the tower unit. It also has a remote-controlled LED light strip that can be adjusted to create the ideal gaming ambience. The Kids Avenue Urban Grey PC Gaming High Sleeper will attract children who are looking to take their gaming design to the next level.

The X Rocker BattleBunk is a perfect gaming high sleeper for teens and children who like to play from dawn until dusk. This awesome gaming bed has a large gaming desk that offers plenty of space for a multi-monitor setup, and storage for games and gaming high sleeper consoles. It also has a TV mounting which allows users to watch their favorite movies and shows before settling down for the night.

Trasman Podbed Gaming Highsleeper 120 x 200cm

This gaming high sleeper was designed by a premium European company that caters to gamers. It has a stunning dark gray finish and red accents. It is a reversible, two-sided bed that can be used as two mattresses in a compact size. A huge gaming area is situated beneath the cabin. It can be accessed via a reversible staircase which can be reached from either the left or right side. The space is equipped with a 1.2m wide desk that has raised monitor shelves and cables tidy for screens and consoles. A handy shelf for storage as well as hanging rails are available to organize books, clothes, and other items. The gaming area can be augmented with an LED light strip that can be controlled remotely.

Underneath the sofa pull out can be pulled out to create a comfy double sofa bed for guests staying over. This can be used as an ideal space to chill out where children can relax and watch films or play video games all into the night without disrupting those who need to work.

This is a fantastic bed that can be used to sleep and gaming spaces into one, perfect for teenagers and kids who love to study, play or relax in their own space. This is a top choice for those who want a modern feel in their living space. It can fit into any home that has a contemporary feel. This gaming bed for kids comes with 2 year manufacturers warranty and is delivered in flat packaging for self assembly. If you choose the home assembly option, we will contact you 3 to 5 working days prior to delivery with a convenient date and time.

Lifetime High Sleeper Desk bed

A mid or black high sleeper-sleeper with a desk area provides your child with the ideal study space. A space that is designated will help your child stay focused, whether they are studying for an exam or making plans for the latest world dominance game. Some designs include furniture in the desk space to create a cozy den beneath the top bunk bed for sleeping. They can be ideal, especially when you’re trying to squeeze the bed into a smaller space where there may not be much spare space for floor.

Other designs include a full-length desk that offers your little one plenty of room to get in to their homework. This Lifetime design is constructed from gorgeous Danish pine, with whitewashed finish. It’s also sustainable and ethically made with respect for the environment.

The grey sofa bed can be a fantastic addition for those who need a bit of more support when studying. It can be moved to create a comfy seat in which they can read or watch television. It can even be used as a temporary place to sleep with friends, cousins or mum and dad for the occasional occasion.

Verify that the mattress of your child’s new high or middle sleeper is lower than the frame. This will stop them from falling out of bed at night. It is crucial to ensure that the mattress depth is at least 15cm in order to avoid any accidents or injuries. Also, you must make sure that the ladder is secure and has been fitted properly so your child doesn’t have any issues climbing up to the sleeping area.

Estella High Sleeper

The Estella is an intelligent practical high-sleeper that has plenty of storage space under its sleeping space. Its sleek design is compatible with a variety of bedroom themes and was created for young gamers who prefer consoles over PCs. Under the bed is a desk that has shelves, and a large monitor shelf to hold up to three screens. This will allow your child to immerse themselves into their favourite games.

The Estella’s curved corner design makes it ideal for a study table which allows your kids to complete their assignments while playing games. When they’re finished you can take them up the slanted stairs and jump straight into bed to get some much-needed relaxation!

If you prefer a more minimalist look, there are high cabin bed sleeper options available with no storage space below the sleeping area. These are suitable for larger bedrooms because they are less bulky and will not take up too much floor space.

The Mila Highsleeper is a fun and colorful addition to any child’s bedroom, with a stylish two-tone design and a reversible trim in either pink or blue. It’s perfect for a young gamer and can be adapted to different themes.

Noah Gaming High Sleeper

A wonderful accessory to any bedroom for children, the Kids Avenue Noah Gaming High Sleeper is a fantastic bed for studying or gaming! This elegant high-sleeper has a full-length desk that runs across the width and height of the bunk. It is the ideal size for a computer Tower unit. There’s also a raised platform for monitors which can accommodate three screens. It’s completed with a remote controlled LED light in multiple colours and wireless charging points for devices, making it the ultimate gaming space!

Suitable for single mattresses in continental sizes (90 x 200cm) and with a shelves that clip on This high-sleeper for children looks great in either blue, white, or lilac and is easy to assemble. The ladder steps are designed to be secure and durable. Free UK Mainland Delivery 2 to 4 weeks

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