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Our system, named Ghost is an advanced CAN immobiliser that prevents car theft by key copying. It is a Tassa-verified product that is endorsed by insurance companies.

Our team of ghost installers is mobile and working across the country. We are DBS security checked, vehicle and tracker certified.

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Autowatch Ghost is an innovative immobiliser which does not require any cutting of wires. It connects into the vehicles CAN Bus Network to operate and is weatherproof. The device is able to be shut off using multiple methods, including the mobile phone app or entering an PIN Code by using the original buttons of the vehicle (Indicator stalk window or heater buttons), or by using an internal siren/vehicle horn.

The ghost features an attribute that permits garages to start the car and drive it with out a unique pin code. The lamborghini ghost installer can be changed at any time to a different PIN code. This will be explained at the point of installation.

Just Jeeps is an authorised Autowatch ghost immobiliser installer. We can provide you with a free quote, and an expert installation. We are TASSA certified, which means we have a proven track record and adhere to a set criteria for system installations that give confidence to insurers of customers and law enforcement officials that systems installed are done safely correctly and in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer by a licensed installer.

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The Autowatch Ghost vehicle lockout is an innovative product that will stop car thefts in their tracks. It can be installed on almost any vehicle, and is weatherproof. It comes with several key features, including an emergency pin-code bypass.

This innovative device is a product that has been approved by Tassa and the first aftermarket immobiliser that uses CAN bus technology. It can be installed on any vehicle, ghost and it prevents key fob cloning aswell being an ECU hacked. The system utilizes the vehicle’s original buttons to communicate with the device which means that it can’t be detected by diagnostic scanners or radio signals. This system is a real game changer in vehicle security and cannot be hacked using methods such as replacing the key fobs with new ones or replacing the engine control unit.

We have created a secure iPhone application that can be used to control the Ghost immobiliser. The communication between the app and the Ghost is encrypted to ensure that no one is able to duplicate your unique PIN code and gain control of your vehicle. It is only necessary to use the app, and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. This will disable your Ghost and you can then get in and drive away with ease and comfort. It removes the requirement for the disarming of a button and can also be used if the Ghost is asleep in your pocket.

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Cloning equipment and door lock pick kits being easily available online, thieves are able to easily scan & clone the keys to your vehicle. This is why it is essential to have an immobiliser installed to your vehicle. This will stop thieves from being able start your vehicle and drive it away.

The autowatch ghost installer Ghost 2 is the most advanced security system in the market today. The system is connected to your vehicle’s CAN data network. It does not permit you to start your car without having to enter a unique sequence of buttons. It also has a valet/service mode that allows you drive your vehicle without entering the PIN code.

Once connected to the CAN network an invisible immobiliser will send an indication to your ECU (Engine Control Unit). This disables the engine and blocks any attempt to start your vehicle. The device is completely hidden from view and invisible to thieves. It cannot be removed or tampered in any way. The Ghost is weatherproof and is so small that it would require a burglar to be physically inside your vehicle to notice it. It is also able to be changed to another pin code at any moment and includes an emergency Pin Code override button.

Autowatch has worked hard to make sure that their products have been thoroughly tested and are compatible with your vehicle. When you are having this type of installation, it is important to use a TASSA-approved installer. This will show to third parties, such as insurance companies that the system was installed correctly and functions as intended. It also gives them an additional level of confidence that the product has been tested and is fit for purpose.

All TASSA approved installations will install Ghost in a professional way and ensure that you’re satisfied with the installation. They will also provide you with an TASSA certification to prove that they are an approved installer. This certificate is free and valid for seven-days.

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Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser that you can install on your vehicle that guards it against key cloning and hacking. It generates a pin code using the buttons on your car. You must enter this code before you can start your engine. It connects with an app on your smartphone and sends you real-time notifications in the event that your car is stolen. This allows you to easily track your car and Ghost retrieve it if it’s stolen. You can connect it to GPS devices so that you can track your car wherever it travels.

The Ghost is hidden in the wiring of your car which makes it virtually impossible for thieves and vandals to locate and disable. It doesn’t also emit a radio frequency signal so thieves aren’t able to be able to capture it in order to unlock your vehicle. You can also change the PIN code at anytime. This will be shown during the installation process.

You can connect the Ghost to an app on your smartphone to manage it anywhere. The app can tell you the location of your car and what it’s doing and how much battery power is left. It’s simple to use and will help you ensure that your vehicle is secure. It can monitor your vehicle and provide you with an emergency button that will activate the alarm.

It is important to engage an expert for your autowatch ghost installation. They can install the system quickly and ensure that your vehicle is safe. You can also obtain the assurance of their work. You can be certain that the company is TASSA certified and you can be sure that they will adhere to the standards for system installation.

The audi rs3 ghost installer is an instrument that connects directly to the CAN data network in your vehicle and secures it from hacking or replicating. It’s a great option for anyone looking to stop theft without the expense of an expensive aftermarket system. It’s also a great choice for people who have been victimized by thieves in the past. Ghost connects to the CAN network to stop this. Many of these criminals utilized the OBD to gain access into vehicles. This technology stops thieves from adding aftermarket keys or altering the ECU to steal the vehicle.

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