Moda Flame Wall Mounted electric wall mounted fireplaces Fireplace – Pebble Stone

Comparing wall mounts to other fire places with electric wall mounted fireplace they are the simplest to put in. They can be hung on the wall or wall electric fireplace placed in recesses to create an elegant look.

Adjustable 750W to 1500W power gives you control over heating, creating supplemental warmth for 비회원 구매 rooms that are up to 400 square feet. LED lighting and ember colors let you to create a stunning display with multiple options for ambiance.

The Moda Flame MFE5048WS is a wall-mounted fireplace (Https://

This Moda Flame 50″ Cynergy Built-in Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace – Pebble Stone is the ideal for any room. It has multiple modes to accommodate your preferred temperature, atmosphere and time settings. You can use it as a heater, switch the flames on only for ambiance or set the timer to shut down the fireplace after 7.5 hours. Its LED technology is among the most advanced in its class and produces the most realistic flames. This creates a a natural fire feeling. You can alter the intensity of the flames to a gentle glow to a blazing fire. It produces 5,900 BTU+s. It runs on 1500 or 750 Watts. The room coverage is up to 500 feet. It is UL approved and comes with a remote control. It is easy to set up.

Moda Flame’s MFE5048WS Wall mount fireplace was developed by Moda Fla.

The Moda Flame MFE5048WS Wall Mount fireplace comes in the wall fireplace a finish of pebble stone. This fireplace has a realistic flame that looks like the actual flame. It also has various dimming options. It can run with 750 or 1,500 watts to generate 5,900 BTU+s. It has room coverage of up to 350 feet. It has three heat settings that let you customize the ambience of your home.

This fireplace is suitable for indoor or outdoor use (if covered to prevent rain). It doesn’t emit smoke, soot or carbon monoxide. It is easy to set up and does not require a chimney, gas line, or venting. It is safe and simple to use, and can replace your gas logs or wood log fireplace or gel fireplace.

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