CBD Drinks Near Me

There are many places in the city where you can find CBD drinks or calming lattes.

Caffeine Underground is one of the first spots to offer a variety of CBD coffees with CBD. Their signature Latte is an instant Yelp favorite. It contains oatmilk as well as strawberry syrup.


Entente, one of the Michelin star restaurant, serves the CBD cocktail menu. Their signature “700 Club” is a cucumber mint lemonade, butterfly pea flowers and CBD from Colorado-based distributor Hapi Innovations.

These carbonated drinks come with the least amount of CBD, but the fruity flavor is enough to keep you going and provide a nice boost. You can add other ingredients to make your personal cocktail.

OTO isn’t just a beverage brand. They also sell drops of skincare products, drops and even a spa. The CBD seltzers they sell are of the same high-quality as the other products.

With a minimalist and stylish design that’s available in the UK and also Selfridges and John Lewis, OTO produces three sparkling flavours that bring a pleasant energy boost to your day. Our favourite is Green Tea & Garden Mint.

Goodrays takes things a step further with their drinks, infusing them with 30mg of CBD as well as a little vitamin D. This gives you a more impressive result than you’ll find with other brands on the market.

You can choose from a range of flavors such as Passionfruit & Pomelo, Raspberry & Guava, and Yuzu & Elderflower. They’re also a non-vegan, sustainable brand that is packaged in fun packaging.

The price isn’t cheap, but if your goal is to have something tasty and high in CBD then this is the perfect choice. With 15 mg of CBD per can, they’re a great option to test before you invest in more expensive drinks.

The Owl

The Owl is an emblem of wisdom, intuition, insight and the messenger. It also represents mystery, freedom, secrets, stealth and vision. It also acts as your protector, guardian and guide who will support you through difficult times and encourage you to trust your instincts.

The owl’s dark brown eyes symbolize your deep connection with the universe and your artistic potential. The owl’s totem aids you to see beyond the obvious, to access other realms (spirit, dreams, imagination) and bring them back into the world by bringing them into personal transformation that is for the highest good of all.

This Logan Square store has a diverse selection of CBD-infused drinks and a staff that is familiar with the advantages of these substances. The RELAX CBD shot, for example, is 20 mg of full spectrum CBD that is infused with Ginkgo Biloba, Melatonin, lavender water and other natural remedies to aid in relaxation and sleep.

It’s a great way to relax after a tiring day, whether heading out or simply relaxing before going to bed. Recess offers refreshing sparkling waters that are infused with 10 mg of CBD and stress-releasing adaptogens that will help you relax and clear your mind.

Quatreau CBD seltzers are a ideal choice for those looking for a healthy, low-calorie, caffeine-free drink that’s loaded with high-quality Cannabidiol. The four flavors of fruit are made with the highest-quality Cannabidiol, and have none of the THC or sugar.

IO Godfrey

If you are looking for CBD-infused beverages in the vicinity of me, IO Godfrey has several options. They have several CBD-infused chewables on the menu, and they also offer 30 milligram CBD oil floaters in their shakes and coffees for $2.99.

They have local beers available on tap and their drinks are refreshing. It’s a great and cozy place to relax and enjoy some drinks and the staff is super helpful when you’re trying to figure out about CBD or delta-8 products.

They provide a wide selection of CBD Gummies and tinctures, and they’re completely natural and come with a large spectrum of phyto-cannabinoids. They have a good reputation for quality and are affordable.

Foxtrot has several locations in Chicago’s North Side where you can buy an cbd drinks cost Highball. The chain sells CBD Elixirs and can add it to drinks at certain locations.

Its CBD IPA Two Flowers is low-alcohol, has a grassy taste and provides a good dose of CBD at 3 grams per 12-ounce glass. It’s a great choice for those who are new to cheapest cbd drinks and would like to try it before diving into it.

Oh CBD Beer, a Hong Kong based company, hopes to help people lessen the stigma associated with cannabis through hemp-based beverages. The brewery’s founder, Young Masters Leung, is a fan of substance’s calming properties and has been working hard to making these beers available to Asia.

Kuma’s Corner

If you’re a lover of weed but want to keep things low-key, Kuma’s Corner is a locally owned restaurant that’s gaining attention for its Euphoric CBD cocktail. The signature “Dopethrone” contains gin, lime and cherry garnish. A smoky “Hazemaze” with mezcal anaise, and rum is also on the menu.

Kuma’s baristas can add 30mg of CBD oil to any coffee for $3 additional. The same amount is also available in shakes priced at $4.99. The store also offers a wide selection of fashionable smoking products like mini bongs. vaporizers. bubbler pen. dab rigs.

The store also sells nifty kush-infused coffee. It’s a strange coffee, but a wonderful morning drink.

This new CBD & kratom store is located just west from the intersection of Columbus and Amsterdam. A wooden sandwich board outside lists the store’s offerings which include vape pens, CBD tinctures and even organic snacks.

The store was started by Mohamed Lotfy, Brianna Bans and Brianna Bans. Their goal was to promote hemp use in everyday life. They sell Delta-8 tees and drinks, as well as baked goods for a reasonable price. The best cbd drinks part: it’s open to everyone 21 and above. In fact, the shop is so well-known that it’s a frequent stop place for locals seeking a boost.

Logan Square Co-op

If you’re looking for an energy boost, refreshing juice or a sour drink to wind down after a long day, there’s an option for all. The co-op is located in the heart Logan Square and offers everything from snacks to katsu sandos as well as a bar on the first level, which has a gaming area.

The patio is the perfect shade of turquoise for a relaxing evening. It also has an onsite wine shop. The bar is focused on natural wines, but it’s also one of the most popular places to grab cocktails in the city.

The bar is part of the Meadowlark Hospitality Group, which also includes Lardon and Union. Owners and local business partners JJ Lewis and Matt Thompson have previously run Centennial Crafted Beer + Eatery in River North and Coda di Volpe in Lakeview respectively.

They’re bringing good things to Logan Square in an aesthetically appealing space that features an ultra-modern CBD lounge and a trendy cocktail menu, and an extensive assortment of tinctures, topicals and more. Their CBD-infused beverages, such as Living Delta 8 Mango Lemonade and Arnie Palmer, are a must-try.

A variety of craft beer breweries are blending their drinks with CBD to create some of the most inventive drinks in town, ranging from Two Flowers, an IPA that is infused with hemp and CBD (which is a first for Oregon) and the Recess Mood that is a refreshing blend of bubbly water and 100 MG of Delta – which isn’t a bad thing considering that you can enjoy a glass of wine with a whopping 88 MG of THC. You’ll also find the OG CBD slushie, a mixture of Recess Mood, price grapefruit juice and coconut milk.


If you’re planning an event that involves cannabis-infused products, make sure to consult your local authorities regarding regulations. Then, grab some of these delicious drinks to stay in compliance.

One of the most popular drinks at Play is the Stardust cocktail, which has CBD mixed into a unique coconut orange foam that sits on the top of the drink. It’s decorated with edible glitter and is an enjoyable and easy way to experience the benefits of CBD.

Charleston Hemp Company came up with a similar concept. The company’s Green Dragon cocktail includes Pisco, egg whites, Midori melon flavored Japanese liqueur, and CBD oil. Jones says that guests enjoy the relaxing effect of the drink, which can ease anxiety and stress.

This West Loop business is run by two Black women who have fought to secure their place in the legal cannabis sector. They sell Living Delta 8, price Mango Lemonade and Arnie Palmer drinks all of which contain 100 MG CBD.

There’s also a large variety of drinks and cocktails which can be boosted with CBD, a potent dose. If you’re seeking something a little lighter then try their Stumblebee smoothie made with cacao nibs, peanut butter coffee, banana, and cacao nibs.

Lakes & Legends offers a line of Hiii flavored sparkling waters. They’re infused with THC and CBD and come in flavors such as peppery ginger ale and juicy passionfruit. You can consume them in a taproom, or carry the can along with you.

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