Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser Review

Autowatch Ghost is the next-generation in car security. It is inaccessible to thieves and cannot be started without a pin code or app authorization.

The system is built on the CAN Data network, and is completely silent so cannot be identified by common thieves’ radio signals or diagnostic tools. The system does not require any electrical circuit cuts.

What is a ghost 2 Immobiliser near Me immobiliser?

Ghost Immobilisers help protect your vehicle from theft by making it impossible to start the vehicle until a unique pin code is entered. It can be used for many different vehicles. And, unlike an immobiliser for vehicles, it doesn’t need a fob or key to operate. It is also very difficult to bypass or hack and operates silently, meaning thieves need to be quick to make a getaway without being caught.

It guards against key locking, signal jamming, and spoofing, which are all methods that thieves have been using to unlock vehicles using standard immobiliser systems. The device deters thieves from stealing keys by fishing in your letterbox or infiltrating your home and stealing the remote control. The device is able to stop thieves from stealing your joy and pride even if they do manage to obtain the key. It prevents them from starting it until they enter the code.

A ghost immobiliser, unlike passive immobilisers that require a key or fob to be press to activate them they are designed to be completely sealed inside the engine. It connects directly to the CAN data circuit of the vehicle. The system creates a pin code when you press buttons on the steering wheel or console, or on the door panels of your car. You will need to enter this code before the engine is able to begin. The system can be put into a service mode, which allows your vehicle to start and drive for short periods without requiring a PIN code. However the service mode will be shut down based on time and speed.

Because of the technology used this device is not able to be bypassed or hacked, even with the use of advanced technology like RF scanning or code grabbing devices. It is impossible to disable with a regular vehicle immobiliser because it doesn’t send a signal like a standard one and only works by connecting directly to the data circuit of the CAN.

Due to its advanced technology and ease of installation the ghost immobiliser has been insurance Approved by TASSA (Tracking & Aftermarket Security System Association). We are a TASSA approved Ghost Installer who can install this device into your car to help you with insurance.

How does the Ghost Immobiliser Work?

In simple terms, an immobiliser works by preventing your car from starting if the wrong key or fob is used. This is accomplished by sending a code to your vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) and if this code is sent through the wrong fob or key the ECU won’t recognize it and, consequently your car will not start. This is the reason it’s essential to ensure that your car is fitted with an immobiliser from an approved and reputable professional.

MotorGuard is the Midlands’ most trusted vehicle security specialist and installer. We provide Autowatch Ghost immobilisers to a variety of modern vehicles. You can be confident that your pride and joy will be protected from theft.

The Autowatch Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser system in the world. It shields your vehicle from key-cloning, ghost 2 Immobiliser near me hacking, as well as theft. It’s designed to remain undetected by thieves because it doesn’t use LED indications or key fobs, and can be hidden in the wiring of your vehicle so that no additional hardware is needed.

Once installed, the system is linked to the CAN system in your vehicle and lets you create an exclusive disarm sequence that includes your own pin code which must be entered to allow you to drive the vehicle. This pin code can be up to 20 presses long for added security. If you forget your pin code or if a button has become damaged, the device comes with an emergency pin code that can be used to reset it and allow your vehicle to start again.

The fact that the Ghost immobiliser is not able to be bypassed or hacked is what makes it such an effective deterrent to thieves. In addition, it’s also TASSA insurance approved (Tracking and Aftermarket Security Systems Association) which could lower the cost of car insurance.

As technology continues to advance and improve, ghost immobilisers are becoming more sophisticated. This is why we recommend that you contact an Autowatch Ghost immobiliser fitting service as soon as possible to ensure your pleasure is completely secured. If you’re purchasing a new car, or are looking to upgrade your existing vehicle, you can count on us to provide you with a top-quality service so that you can enjoy your joy and pride for years to come.

Is Ghost Immobiliser compatible with my car stolen with ghost immobiliser?

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser ghost the world that provides total protection against modern-day vehicle theft. It guards against key hacking, cloning and ECU swapping, and more. The new TASSA verified ghost immobiliser car-II systems also offer vehicle marking and linking to the International Security Register enabling your insurance company to verify that you have a valid Ghost system installed.

Our Ghost Immobiliser prevents thieves from beginning your engine by having a unique pin code sequence to be entered or the presence of your smartphone with our Autowatch application before it can be used. It works just as a pin code on bank cards, making it impossible for thieves to steal your car with your joy and pride without entering the correct pin or phone. Our Ghost Immobiliser System integrates into the CAN Data Network, so there is no need for wire cutting and it runs quietly. It is undetectable to thieves and is not detected by sophisticated scans using RF or code-grabbing technology that other systems employ.

The Autowatch app is then used to connect the Ghost to your smartphone. This allows you to enter a temporary ‘Service or Valet mode, which disables the ghost for up to 30 mins while you hand over your vehicle for transportation or service. Then, it is linked to your smartphone using the Autowatch app, which allows you to enter an indefinite ‘Service or Valet’ mode that deactivates the ghost for up to 30 minutes whilst you give your vehicle to us for service or transport.

With the apex of personalisation and modification employed in today’s vehicles, along with the fact that most of us are driving older vehicles it is not surprising that the number of stolen vehicles has risen dramatically. A lot of them are expensive and rare vehicles that can take months to repair after being stolen. Hence, making sure that your pride and joy isn’t at risk of becoming the next target is paramount. A Ghost immobiliser is a reasonable investment that can keep your vehicle safe and can even be used to recover it if it does become stolen.

Does a Ghost Immobiliser function by cutting principle?

Ghost immobilisers prevent your vehicle from beginning until a PIN has been entered along with your key fob. This stops thieves from cloning keys to cars or hacking into the computer system in your car. It also helps to help them leave the vehicle unattended.

Once it is installed the ghost immobiliser will generate an individual pincode that can be up to twenty digits by using the buttons on your vehicle (steering wheels or centre consoles, or door panels). This code must be entered in order to start your car. The code sequence must be entered every time you drive your car similar to a PIN password on credit cards. The code can be easily reset by entering a number sequence into the Ghost application.

The Autowatch Ghost II CAN immobiliser also has two deactivation options for valet and service which allow you to temporarily start your vehicle without access code similar to a key fob – whilst it’s in the garage, or with a valet parking service. The immobiliser will reactivate automatically when your car is placed in a garage.

Contrary to other security devices available, the Ghost is completely undetectable by modern thieves since it doesn’t feature any LED indicators, and it operates in a silent manner using your vehicle’s CAN data network. It is also not susceptible to the same kinds of circuit cuts as many other security gadgets, since it does not rely on radio waves.

It can also be concealed and discreetly installed, making it impossible for thieves to detect and discover. It is also unnoticeable by advanced scanning tools and code grabbing technologies that are commonly used to locate or disable security devices.

The Ghost is a top-quality modern, high-tech immobiliser for the CAN bus that offers top-of-the-line protection against key cloning, relay theft, and car hacking. It is simple to install and is undetectable by thieves. It cannot be disabled by simple wire cutting. This makes it an essential item for any driver looking to protect their vehicle.

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