Drive Devilbiss automatic folding lightweight mobility scooter folding mobility scooter near me (mouse click the following post) Folding Scooter

At just 22kg, the AutoFold Elite is Drive DeVilbiss’ lightest four wheel folding scooter. It’s also easy to maneuver – perfect for transporting in cars, planes or public transport. The AutoFold Elite comes with modern design and silver wheels hubs as well as an LED headlight on the front.

It also has built-in suspension for an easy ride, as well as puncture-proof tyres for security. *Note: Range will vary according to the weight of the passenger, terrain type and the incline of the battery and its condition.

Comfortable Seat and Backrest

The seat and backrest have been padded for added comfort. The tiller can be adjusted to suit your preference. The scooter comes with suspension at both the front and back to help smooth any bumps in the road.

This mobility scooter is designed for those who are looking for an easy and comfortable way to get around. The AutoFold Elite is easily folded and unfolded with the fob, or manually by pressing the button on the tiller. It takes just 12 seconds to fold. It is also extremely light and ideal for transportation in cars or on planes.

This scooter comes with an exclusive feature: the option to add a rear-mounted box. This is ideal for those who wish to carry shopping or other items along on their travels. The scooter is powered by a light airline friendly lithium battery and has an on board charging facility.

The most lightweight four-wheel folding scooter made by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, the UltraFold is described as an “flawless blend” of modern design and safety. The 22kg scooter folds to a suitcase size in a matter of seconds at the touch of a button, making it easy for users to put into cars and use public transportation. It also features front and rear LED lighting and an onboard charging port. The UltraFold also features a spacious armrest and comfortable seat as well as a front impact bar and a delta bar function. The scooter comes in a fashionable red or blue finish and features sleek silver wheel hubs. The scooter also comes with an anti-roll-back safety system that stops it from rolling backwards on a hill.


The built in suspension in both the front and rear of this scooter help make driving more comfortable. The tiller system is completely adjustable which allows you to adjust the steering levers to your comfort. This lightweight automatic folding mobility scooter, advanced scooter can be folded or unfolded at the touch of one button. It is equipped with an remote control fob, a new Delta Bar, armrests that can be removed and a headlight with LED. The standard features include anti-tip rear wheels and a horn to ensure you safe during your journeys.

Solid tyres help eliminate the possibility of punctures, this feature also increases the durability and gives you more confidence when driving on different terrains. The tyres have quick release mechanisms to make it easy for removal and replacement.

It is important to note that this scooter is not intended to be used on hills. Regularly driving on steep inclines could cause damage to the motor and decrease the battery’s life span. If you regularly drive on hills, we suggest that you look at models with a more powerful battery and a larger suspension.

This scooter comes with the standard battery, which can reach up to 20 miles. However, this could vary based on factors such as weight, weather, inclines, battery condition, and the use. Before purchasing, we recommend that you review the specifications and range in factory conditions.

This is an class 2 folding scooter and does not require registration, it can be used on pavements and other smooth surfaces but not on public roads, please be aware of this when purchasing if you are planning to travel on rough terrain or in towns.

LED Lights

The mobility scooter is equipped with LED lights at the front and rear for increased security. It can travel for up to 10 miles with a full charge. It comes with a cushioned backrest and seat, as well as an adjustable tiller. It also has built-in suspension to provide more comfort during your ride as well as an anti-roll back safety device as well as anti-tip wheels on the rear. There is also a horn on the tiller for communication with other road users.

It’s simple to transport via public transport and cars. It weighs only 22kg without the battery which makes it the lightest four-wheel folding scooter. The sleek design and light weight make it the perfect mobility scooter to fold for anyone looking for a stylish comfortable, practical, and easy-to-handle scooter.

It also has a range of interesting features, including fob-operated Delta bar operation as well as a comfortable front headlight. Additionally it is able to be charged using the USB charging port and comes with large LED screens that shows the battery level and speed.

The manual includes an maintenance guide to help you keep your scooter in good shape. It is important to regularly check it for any damage or wear and tear, and contact your authorized drive autofold mobility scooter DeVilbiss provider if anything is faulty or not functioning correctly. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your mobility scooter and will be able to enjoy it for the years to come.

Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery

The auto folding mobility scooter Fold Elite is an ultra-light mobility scooter equipped with a lithium-ion battery which can be charged by the aircraft. It folds and unfolds at the touch of a button from the fob remote control, or by using the buttons on the tiller, making it a breeze to get around and transport. It also features a digital LCD screen, which is normally only found on scooters that are more expensive. The display displays the speed, the power status, and the duration of the drive.

It can safely carry users up to 19.7 stone. It comes with puncture-proof tyres, as well as an anti-tip rear wheel. It also has an adjustable rake and a height adjustment for the tiller. It’s a relaxing drive and has an impressive maximum range between charges of 13 miles.

Even if the armrests and seat are folded, it can be easily tucked away and fit into a compact boot. It can be operated with the battery inside or without it, based on your preference. A carry handle has been incorporated into the frame to facilitate lifting.

It is recommended to verify the weight limit for HomePage this scooter before ordering and then consider getting the heavier model if you are close to or over the weight limit on a regular basis since it could reduce the lifespan of the vehicle. The tyres used on this scooter are made of solid rubber, not pneumatic. This reduces the possibility of punctures and increases the durability of the vehicle. These are class 2 scooters and they are only designed to be used on pavements or smooth surfaces. They are not intended to be used for off-road driving.

On Board Charging

With convenience in mind, the drive devilbiss automated folding scooter is equipped with an onboard charging system which is activated via a button on the tiller, the entire process taking only 12 minutes. The on-board charging system is powered with an ultra-light lithium battery that can last up to 20 miles. Additional batteries can be purchased separately to extend the range. The scooter also comes with an LCD display with a digital format that is normally only found on higher-end models, such as an odometer, speedometer, and a battery gauge to make it easy for operation and maintenance.

It is important to pay attention to the road while driving as well as to other vehicles. Ensure that you maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and other vehicles at all times, particularly when you are driving at high speeds. It is also advised to be extra cautious when negotiating drops, steps and ledges that aren’t protected. It is not recommended to drive this scooter on kerbs, or other raised areas. Also, it is not recommended to drive the scooter on wet surfaces as the wheels can slide and cause damage to the flooring.

After leaving the scooter, make sure the power is off and the armrests are in their lowest position. Failure to do this could cause the auto folding and unfolding mechanism activating whilst the scooter is still being used. This could result in injury and damage to the scooter.

Avoid long-term exposure to extreme temperatures or cold temperatures, as this could cause the batteries to weaken and reduce their expected lifespan. If the scooter isn’t in use it is recommended that the batteries are removed and stored in a cool, dry area. Regular inspection of your scooter is essential to ensure that all components are in good condition, and any service requirements are identified promptly.

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