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In the early part of 2017, I created the ” 2017 Flip Challenge ” to push people to sell products on sites like eBay for profit.

So many of you complain about not having money to start a business, invest in ads, or build your personal brand. But at the same time, you have things laying around the house that you could sell online.

You could take the time you spend watching House of Cards or Game of Thrones, and use it to find out what products are worth on eBay. You could out what your clothes are worth. Find out what your old electronics are worth. Find out what toys are worth.

And you could use that data to start selling products you already have, flip stuff from thrift stores, or sell stuff you get for free off of Craigslist .

In one of my earlier DailyVee episodes , I drove to a thrift store in New Jersey with my brother-in-law Justin Novello, and Amazon vs Etsy: What is Your Best Option as a Handmade Seller showed you how we buy and sell stuff from garage sales. We’ve been doing this for years.

So I want to eliminate every excuse people have for not getting started.

Today, Justin will show you how to start selling online 😉

I work on influencer partnerships on Team Gary at VaynerMedia. I’ve worked with Gary for 14 years at Wine Library, and I’m a big fan of the flip game 🙂

Before you can buy and sell stuff on eBay, you have to have a sense for what price you can sell your products for. The first part of this article will help you figure that out, the second part will show you how to use that data to start flipping on eBay.

If you want to see what a product is worth, start by searching the name in eBay search.

For example, you could search something like “Hulk hogan action figure”, scroll down, and hit “sold items.”

When you select “sold items”, eBay will sometimes automatically check the “completed items” box.

“Completed items” refers to auctions that have ended for that search — whether they sold or didn’t sell.

You can uncheck this box to only see items that have actually been sold. Or leave it checked to also see patterns on what didn’t sell.

On the results that show for “sold listings”, you can sort by price to see what products are selling for.

If you searched Hulk Hogan action figures, you’ll see there are a bunch of vintage ones that are selling for nearly $1000 (if you sort by “highest price”).

Same thing applies to limited edition products you can buy online. For example, people have flipped Gary’s “Clouds and Dirt” sneakers for $150-$200+:

You can do the same for products you find at thrift stores, garage sales, or sites like AliBaba.

And once you find something profitable, list it and collect your cash 😉

Once you’ve started selling stuff around the house, you can start flipping products from the internet.

But I can already hear the excuses popping up:

“How much will these products cost?”

For a while, we’ve had to pander to these responses because it’s hard to find a way to get products without investing money up front.

But recently, Gary found a different way.

Here’s How to make 2000 dollars fast in 2022 (34 legitimate ways) you can make $1000 from zero:

1. Navigate to the “free” section on Craigslist

There’s a “free” section on the homepage of Craigslist. Navigate over to that.

There are dozens of valuable things people out are giving away for Best 25 Ways to Make Extra Money from Home to Make Money on Instagram [for Influencers] free to get rid of them — things like chairs, beds, tables, and more.

3. Find out what it’s worth on eBay

Go through the steps above 11 Real Ways To Make Money With A Laptop ( Guide!) see what similar products are selling for on eBay.

List it on eBay for the price that similar products have been selling for.

The free stuff you get on Craigslist are usually big items that people want to get rid of, so you can either list it for “local pick up only” or charge extra for shipping.

5. Once it’s sold, give it to the person who bought it.

Either by shipping it to them (if they paid extra for shipping), dropping it off to them, or having them come pick it up from you.

The internet has created so many ridiculous arbitrage opportunities. This is just one of them. Pick stuff up for free on Craigslist, list on a site like eBay, sell it, and make an extra few hundred bucks a week 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram at @JustinNovello 🙂

Check out “DailyVee 093: How to Make an Extra $100 This Weekend” to watch me and Gary buying and selling stuff from garage sales!

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