Unlike faux leather and faux fur, it’s unlikely to rip or tear, a good quality cowhide bag is an investment piece that’s yours to own and love for years to come. If you just need to soften one tanned hide, simply find a good solid edge that does not contain any splinters, burrs or cowhide crossbody purse objects that can rip the hide, like on the sanded edges of a saw horse. Say goodbye to rummaging through a cluttered bag while juggling your little one – everything you need will be neatly organized within easy reach. No need to wrap, our cowhide wallets arrive in our signature presentation box and custom dust bag. Available in a variety of designs, styles, and colours, Furmoo cowhide handbags are affordable without compromising quality and craftsmanship, Carefully designed and manufactured in New Zealand, our bags have a long shelf-life thanks to the integrity of the cowhide we use. Our cowhide and leather handbags are perhaps some of our best-selling products.

The picture of the cowhide Crossbody Messenger Purse is for reference only. Genuine leather cowhide crossbody purse with leather fringe along both sides and hand tooled detail on turquoise background on the front of the purse. If you have furry friends and are looking for tips on how to clean dog pee out of a cowhide rug, this is a great method. Keeping your purse clean is not only important but necessary to keep germs out of your house. For the best results, clean spills and spots immediately. A leather bag can be cleaned with leather cleaner or pH-neutral soap and water, but following the bag manufacturer’s instructions is often best. For more bargains on our products, check out our Bag Of The Week selection and products on Sale. Established in 2016, Furmoo strives to bring the best and most ethically-sourced cowhide and leather products into your homes. Boho Living Room offers genuine cowhide hospital bags too. Furmoo has a wide range of cowhide bags in popular styles and sizes, so you have the idea accessory for any occasion. When you choose to shop at Furmoo, you’ll come across our huge range of cowhide handbags, wallets, travel bags, rugs, and slippers!

The bags all come with a detachable leather strap, and additional customizations are available as well-choose from Yeehaw, Rodeo, and Giddy Up! These come with a wrist strap and shoulder strap. MANBANG wallets, we’ve been specialized in wallets for 13 years. Aside from handbags, our collection also includes backpacks, travel bags, wallets, purses, clutches, and more! Accentuated with leather lacing and just enough silver hardware, this collection easily makes vintage a trend for today. When you pull that leather checkbook cover or clutch out of your purse or pocket, anyone who sees it knows you prefer quality products. Since then, we have an array of quality cowhide products that are accessible and affordable compared to mainstream cowhide products in the market today. Instead of letting them go to waste, we repurpose them into a wide range of products including handbags, slippers, rugs, and many more. Purses and wallets are made with a wide plethora of materials to make them more appealing and unique in touch. Be aware that after you make use of your bag, it is far from only you that is aware. People want to wear differently, style differently and make sure their accessories are different. Until recently, Hermès was just an accessories company but they’ve started producing clothing, although they’re not known as a couture house.

Say hello to our much-awaited end-of-summer sale on bags and backpacks – your golden ticket to snagging the trendiest accessories at unbeatable prices. Real hair on cow hide Side body bags. When you first purchase a reindeer hide you can expect some shedding, meaning that you can have a little hair coming loose. Cows are primarily slaughtered for their meat, and the hide is just but a by-product of the meat industry. Cowhide is a natural by-product of the meat and dairy industry. The hides are merely a by-product of the meat industry and are used as decoration for the home or insulation. Reindeer hides are naturally waterproof and can be used outside. No matter where you are in the world, rest assured that you can get your hands on Furmoo cowhide handbags and more thanks to our reliable shipping. Even though it is not as tough or strong as cowhide or buffalo hide, it is ideal for warmth and comfort. Equipped with convenient features such as insulated bottle holders to keep liquids at the perfect temperature, built-in changing pads for quick diaper changes on-the-go, and even designated pockets for tech gadgets like smartphones or tablets – these backpacks are thoughtfully designed to accompany you effortlessly throughout your parenting journey.

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