When I was younger a friend of mine, let’s call him Vince, was a hobby boat nut!  I enjoyed it too, you know, go down Earn to make money blogging the park, put the mini speed boat in the water and hoon around.

I think the average boat kit was $500 and then there were all the add ons .

Anyways, I’ve seen the near-psychotic addiction people can develop towards hobby products and so it does not surprise me at all to learn about the success Dave Powers is having with his site on how to make/fly your own flying hobby planes.

His You Tube channel just passed the whopping 97 million views mark, so you can imagine from You Tube ad revenue sharing alone, 9 Best Ways To Sell Internet Bandwidth For Cash ( Guide!) he must be doing pretty well with this.

But it’s his information products that would seem to be the major money earner, with his ebooks and online video course being the main products.

What’s interesting to note again is the dangerously effective 3-step marketing strategy ; pull users in from You Tube and Google (thanks to a ton of free video and written content), then get them into the forum-focused online community on his website (make them repeat visitors for life) and then direct them out towards sponsors and affiliates, or your very own info products.

This is the strategy to go for if you really want to do serious damage.

But a dose of reality helps here.  To make this work you need to semi-dominate your niche in order to build up a thriving forum.

So the big question you need to ask yourself now…

What interests, side hobbies, etc do you freaking loooooove?! 

Although many people say passion doesn’t belong in the ideation process so much, I think that if you choose something that you love (and people want and are willing to pay to learn more about), then your ability to pump out content and ooze personality – the two things you need to create a passive income goldmine (see Dave!) – will be so far beyond the competition, Drive the Right Kind of Traffic to Your Website that you’ll crush it!

Visit RC Powers Hobby Planes or check out Steps to Passive Income where case study originally spotted

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