Choosing a Double Glazed Window Handle

The proper double-glazed window handle will ensure that your windows are safe and energy efficient. You can replace old handles or install new ones for your home’s windows. There are a variety of handles available such as cockspur handles with spurs that are locked onto a wedge-shaped striker plate.

In-line UPVC handles are straight and can be turned either left or right. Cranked handles come in left and right versions. These handles are designed to work with multipoint lock systems.

Easy to operate

There are a lot of different types of double glazed window handles to choose from. Some are specific to which kind of window is fitted. For example, Espag handles are used for casement windows (windows that open outwards) and cockspur handles are designed for tilt-and-turn windows. Others are more general, such as spade handles or monkey tail handles. If you’re buying new handles or replacing older ones, the most important aspects to take into consideration are the blade length, step height, and fixing positions. Make sure that the handle you purchase is the correct size for your windows, you can test this by dropping something in the middle of the spindle to determine how deep it goes, or measuring another handle on the same window to get an idea of the length of the spindle you require.

When choosing uPVC handles it is essential to think about how easy they are for you to operate and maintain. You will want to choose handles that are durable and easy to use, and you should look for handles that meet the Secure By Design specification to ensure your window is safe. You can find out more information about this on the manufacturer’s website.

If you find that your window handles are getting difficult to operate, they might require replacement. This is usually due to the handle being damaged internally or because the screws are loosened on the base section. If this is the case, try lubricating them with some olive oil to help keep them in motion.

Other issues with window handles are getting squeaky or breaking from the frame and handle. If you’ve broken or damaged handle, it is crucial to replace it immediately to prevent further damage to your window and ensure that it is still secure.

There are a variety of styles of double glazed door handle-glazed window handles available in a variety of styles, from the classic satin chrome to more vintage styles. If you’re renovating your home, take into consideration the age of your home and the overall look you’re trying to achieve Brass handles with burnished finishes are perfect for restored Georgian or Edwardian homes, double glazed Window handle while curved monkey tail handles add a charming, historical look to Tudor cottages.


Handles on double-glazed windows are designed to be durable and strong to endure the rigors of abuse. They are made of tough materials like aluminium and uPVC which makes them highly resistant to corrosion and weather damage. In addition to being strong they also have a high energy efficiency and help to keep your home warm. However, over time the handles could get damaged or worn out and require replacement. If this happens, it’s crucial to select the correct type of handle for your requirements and budget.

Window handles come in a variety of different styles, so it’s essential to consider your style and interior design before you purchase. Brass fittings from the past like these look fantastic in Georgian rooms and sleek satin-chrome handles will complement modern interiors. Consider the spindle’s length and width. This will determine the distance that the handle’s tip protrudes and whether it’s possible to rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise.

Espag window handles are a typical choice for uPVC windows. They come with a spindle that has with a hidden multi-point locking mechanism. This provides security and also meets the requirements of the Home Insurance Act.

Another alternative is the cockspur lever that has an elongated lever that is secured to a wedge-shaped striker plate or striker pad on the frame of the window. These handles can be found on older uPVC window frames and can be used to increase the airflow and security.

Another popular handle type is the missile doorknob that is usually found on windows installed in areas where access is restricted. This kind of handle is equipped with a latch that keeps the window closed until it is released. Additionally, it is frequently used in hotels and care homes to ensure compliance with the Home Insurance Act. The handle for double glazed window can also be screwed into place without the need of any special tools. It is important to use the correct screwdriver for the job, so you don’t damage the handle or the window frame.

Easy to clean

Window handles are one of the most prominent elements of a double-glazed windows, therefore it is crucial to select one that is in line with your style. There are many options from brass fittings with a heritage to sleek chrome and satin nickel. You can also find polished aluminium fittings that match contemporary homes. It is important to think about the appearance and functionality of the handle. A handle that does not shut or open windows in a proper manner is not very efficient.

The choice of hinges that are easy to clean is another smart move. They let you open your window up to ninety-nine degrees, making it easier to clean. They also meet all fire and safety standards and are highly recommended by FENSA. Additionally, you’ll get a better seal than with hinges that are traditional that will help reduce heat loss and help keep your home energy efficient.

You can also increase the efficiency of your home by lubricating hinges and locking mechanisms with silicone-based grease. This will help them run smoothly and stop dirt or water from building up. Apply the lubricant using a soft cloth or brush, but don’t use too much. Over time, the excess oil can leave black spots on the frame or handles.

The step height is also an important aspect to take into consideration when selecting your new uPVC windows handles. This is the distance between the top of the handle and the top of the spindle. The higher the step height, the closer the handle will be to the window frame. This could create problems when you plan to install blinds since they might not fit correctly.

Consider a handle rated for coastal areas, as these are designed to resist corrosion caused by sea spray. They’re also tested by an independent third party and are able to be able to withstand up to 50,000 cycles. You can also purchase a variety of other components to ensure your windows are secure like sash lifters or locks. This will allow you to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable home and not have to worry about dampness or cold air entering your home.


Double-glazed window handles are not just for aesthetics. They can also be used as a security device to keep intruders from entering. Intruders are less likely to get in to a home that has solid doors and frames since it is hard to force the handle or frame to open. Additionally, double glazed windows with secure handles reduce energy costs as they can be secured to keep out cold air and draughts.

Window handles can be used for both uPVC and aluminum frames. They can also be used with traditional timber casement window frames. They are typically comprised of uPVC which is also known as Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. They are available in a variety of colours, styles and dimensions to match your home. Some are designed to fit comfortably in your hand and some have a push-to-release locking mechanism that allows you to open the window in either direction. Certain windows feature adjustable mushroom cams which prevent the window from being opened past a certain point. This makes it difficult for Double Glazed Window Handle burglars to enter your home.

Espag window handles are a typical type of uPVC handle and are found on the majority of modern uPVC windows. They have a mental spinning at the back, which is driven by the hidden multi-point lock. They can be cranked or in-line and are available in right or left-handed variations. When replacing an espag handle, you should always check that the replacement has the same spindle length as the original.

Another kind of uPVC window door handle replacements is the cockspur window handle, which is made of a spur that connects to a wedge-shaped striker plate in the frame of the window. These handles are used to control the tilting and turning capabilities of a uPVC and are found on older uPVC Windows. When buying a new cockspur window handle, you should always be sure that it’s compatible with the window type you have and that the lock has been replaced as well.

For maximum security for maximum security, a uPVC handle should be placed with the step height at or above your floor. The steps are the gaps that exist between the top and bottom frame of your window, as well as the height where a window could be opened. A higher step height can deter intruders who may try to climb over the handle or smash the glass.

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