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It’s not a major issue to lose your car keys. They can be quickly and easily replaced. The cost will depend on the type of key, the technology used and the location you purchase the replacement key for car cost.

The majority of hardware stores can duplicate classic keys for less than $10. Locksmiths in the automotive industry can duplicate them if you provide proof of ownership. The cost for replacing high-tech and advanced keys is more costly, however they can be replaced at the dealer if needed.

Basic Key Fobs for Keys

The majority of cars produced since the 1990s include key fobs which lock and unlock doors by pressing buttons. Most are standard and fairly inexpensive to replace. However, the most advanced fobs can cost upwards of $1,000 to have installed by a dealer.

Dealerships are often the only places that have the high-priced equipment needed to program a new key fob. This is particularly true for European cars. A Audi or BMW key fob, for instance, has a touchscreen color which allows the user to switch on and off the car’s navigation system or access other information. These features, as well as advanced security measures to detect if a fob is removed from its normal location and make it more difficult to copy than fobs designed by Nissan or Ford.

Some hardware stores and auto parts stores sell fobs that are replacements for less than the dealership. And if you can’t find the type of fob you require for your vehicle, aftermarket options are compatible with all models and can be programmed with an identifier provided by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. You should also look into your car’s warranty, insurance policy or roadside assistance coverage to determine if it covers the cost of a replacement car keys cost near me.

Transponder Keys

While basic keys and fobs are affordable to replace, cost of replacing a standard key with transponder chip is significantly higher. These chips, also referred to as mini-circuits, will help your car key cost recognize and start the key.

The reason is because those chips, along with a special code disable the vehicle immobilizer and allow the engine to run. The majority of cars manufactured after 2001 utilize this technology. Hardware stores can make mechanical copies, but they can’t duplicate the RF chip that was molded into your current key. That is why you must go to a dealership to purchase an expensive new key fob and the even more expensive programming service.

Many owners go to their dealership when they lose their keys. They don’t realize that a reputable locksmith can create the identical key for less.

In addition to cloning your key, a professional locksmith can also reprogram your transponder keys. To do this, he must have the equipment that is used by dealerships, however, you can find it at all of the auto stores. Also, you will require an original copy of the lost or stolen key, as well as the owner’s guide. The process may take longer and cost of replacing car keys [visit the next document] more if the items aren’t available.

High-Tech Keys

Certain vehicles require key fobs with electronic signals that allow doors to open and start engines. Replacing these is a little more complicated than making simple transponder keys and could cost replacement car key hundreds of dollars.

Locksmiths can also create keys for you. You’ll need the key fob along with evidence of ownership such as the title or registration of the vehicle. Locksmiths typically charge 20% less than going through the dealer.

The cost of buying a new key is determined largely by the existence of an existing key that can be copied. Keys older than that don’t have chips and can be copied at a local hardware shop for about $10. A modern VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) key includes a tiny resistor in it that must be compatible with the car’s computer. It can be duplicated for $20-$45.

However, there is one exception. The auto industry finances a trade group known as the National Automated Vehicles Task Force. The group maintains an electronic database of key codes which allows locksmiths, dealers and dealers to duplicate keys made after 2000 for VW, Mercedes BMW and Porsche. The Center for Auto Safety, an advocacy group for consumers led by Ralph Nader, [Redirect-302] has petitioned the Federal Trade Commission to investigate automakers for keeping key codes confidential and charging high-cost costs to replace keys.

Key Replacement at the Dealership

It wasn’t long ago that misplacing the car keys was not a huge issue. If you lost your keys, you could get an alternative from the dealership without much hassle. The cars of today are more technologically advanced, and the process of replacing your car keys could be more complex and expensive.

For transponder and bladed keys, go to your local locksmith. Most locksmiths can cut keys for less than $10. If you have an electronic switchblade key or high-tech smart key, the best option is to contact roadside assistance and have your vehicle tow by the dealer. You’ll need the proof of ownership documents with you, and you may be required to wait several days until the dealership has the key available.

Whether you lose a simple bladed key, a switchblade key or an advanced smart key, GEICO can help you get back on the road again with our 24/7 Roadside Assistance service. Make sure you note down your vehicle identification number (VIN) which is usually located on the driver’s dashboard or printed on your insurance card. The VIN will be needed to order the right key and have it programmed to your vehicle. It’s also important to keep your spare key in a secure location.

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