How to Choose the Right Height for an on the Wall Fireplace

A fireplace in the wall can create a beautiful focal element in any living room. It can be hung either above the couch or the seating area to create a cozy and warm environment for you, your family and guests.

Some models can be partially recessed into the wall for an integrated look. This will require more work and some DIYers may have to step outside of their comfortable zone.


When constructing a media wall, determining the appropriate height of an on-wall fireplace is a crucial decision. The fireplace should be low so that it can be viewed easily from most seating positions. However, it should be high enough to ensure that it will provide enough warmth to keep your home warm.

When deciding on the height of wall-mounted fires it is crucial to consider the amount of heat it produces, how close to the floor enquiry it will be, and what else may be mounted above it. If you put an electric or gas fireplace too low, it will release heat rapidly and combustible substances could easily ignite. This could result in a house fire and Wall-mounted Fireplace the efficiency of the fireplace will be significantly reduced.

To avoid this, select an open fireplace with a narrow opening for the fireplace or a chimney venting system that is high. This will ensure that heat is dissipated safely and efficiently.

Another consideration is the purpose for which the room is used for. If the room is mostly used to relax, socialising or watching television, a taller fireplace would be a good option. If it will be used to heat the house, a lower fireplace is better.

Most people prefer to put a fireplace at eye-level when they are seated in the chair. This is about 40-42 inches above the floor. However, some prefer to place their fireplace under a TV and this can be a good option, provided that the TV is not too close to the heater or it could suffer damage from the heat.

Based on the type of fireplace, it may also be useful to consider what sort of storage will be needed above the fire. If you have an electric wall mounted fireplaces fireplace, it might be beneficial to put an endboard or credenza above the fireplace to keep the fireplace’s surface clean. This will give the fireplace a more spacious, streamlined look. It can also make the fireplace seem larger.


A wall mounted fireplace is a fantastic addition to a media wall. It’s ideal for homeowners who want a more sleek style that blends with the structure of the media wall. It is also simpler and quicker to install than a fireplace that is integrated.

Start by choosing a spot that lets you move freely around the fireplace. Also, make sure that there aren’t any burning items in the vicinity. Then, measure the length of your wall and ensure that it’s wide enough to hold an existing fireplace that’s at least 40-42″ in height. It’s also an ideal idea to have someone help you in putting up your fireplace, as it’s a heavy thing to install.

Based on the model of fireplace you pick, it may need to be fixed directly to a stud wall or connected to a bracket that is installed on the wall. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to mount a direct-to wall model. If you’re installing a bracket-mounted model, attach the mounting bracket with toggle-bolt anchors as well as screws. Utilize a stud-finder for locating the screw locations.

Once the bracket is installed then attach the fireplace using the tabs at the lower part of your fireplace, and the hooks on the top of the bracket. Follow the steps in the owner’s manual when your model has a front-glass panel that needs to be removed prior to installation.

First, you’ll need to put the frame of your electric fireplace on the appropriate spot on the wall. Then, it can be hung from the bracket. Once you’ve completed this step you can use a drill for making holes for the mounting bracket or sand rough areas on the wall.

After drilling the holes, you can screw into the mounting bracket. Some wall-mounted models have hooks or slots at the back. You can then slide the hooks from the back into slots of the mounting bracket.


The good news is that both electric and ethanol wall bio-ethanol fireplaces are safe to use provided that the appropriate safety measures are in place. Regular inspections are needed to ensure that the fireplace is in good working order and shows no signs of wear. Keep the fireplace away from any material that is flammable, such as carpets, furniture, or paper. If you have children, make sure they know not to touch the flames and stay at a safe distance from the fireplace at all times. Also, make sure to turn off the fireplace before going to bed or leaving the home.

It is important to follow all directions from the manufacturer when installing a fireplace in a wall. This means paying attention to dimensions, weight requirements and heat clearance zones. If you are using TVs above the fireplace, it is recommended to make sure that the TV and fireplace are within the proper heat zones. The extra weight of the television could put pressure on the fireplace and cause it to fall and cause injury to you or your family members.

You should also be aware of the fact that ethanol and electric wall fireplaces can generate high levels of heat, which can burn you when you are too close to it. If you have kids, consider putting a safe-to-touch screen over your fireplace to prevent your hands from burning. This screen remains at a lower temperature when the fireplace is in use and will not burn anyone who touches it.

It is also an excellent idea to keep any flammable objects such as toys and books, away from the fireplace to prevent them from getting accidentally ignited by sparks. You should also regularly clean your fireplace in order to remove any accumulation of ash or soot. This will help to lower the risk of fire hazards.

One of the most common errors people make when installing a fireplace on the wall is to not remember to switch off the fireplace prior to going to go to bed or leaving the house. This is a very serious mistake that can lead to electrical fires and other electrical issues.


A Wall mount fireplaces (Https:// fireplace is among the most popular elements that can be included in a media wall. It is usually installed beneath a flat-screen TV and it is essential that the fireplace meet certain requirements for installation. It is important to consider not only the dimensions of the fireplace but also how much heat it produces. A fireplace that is erected on the wall will generally release heat from the vent located in front, while a fireplace that is surface mounted could be able to blow heat from the top or bottom. The most popular option for media walls is to put a recessed fireplace at a height of 40-42 inches above the floor, which permits it to be seen from a seated position.

It is possible to find wall-mounted electric fireplace wall fireplaces with a variety of styles. However it is important to match the style with the overall design of the room. This will ensure that the wall flows smoothly and is well-integrated. There are many companies that provide different types of electric wall-mounted fireplaces, including Amantii and Dimplex. Both brands are known for their quality and are quick to respond to feedback from customers regarding how they can improve their products.

Another consideration for a media wall is to decide whether the space can be used to house a television or other electronic devices. Some people use a recessed fireplace surrounds to serve as an entertainment centre, and others prefer a combination of the wall-mounted fireplace and TV. It is simpler and more efficient to choose a media wall which can accommodate both.

The biggest drawback of wall-mounted electric fireplaces is that they tend to feel more permanent. While it is possible to move the fireplace from one location to another, doing so will require the removal of brackets for mounting. If the fireplace is located in an stud, it can be difficult to install TVs or other components.

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