Why You Should Consider Investing in a Van Hooklock

If you’re looking for a way to lock your vehicle in a secure manner, you should definitely think about investing in hooklocks for your van. They are sturdy and simple to install. You must be aware of some factors that could make them less secure than other locks so you are able to choose the best lock for you.

Viro Van Lock

A Viro Van Lock is an excellent way to guard your van from theft. It is a security lock that offers a more robust option than the standard padlock.

This lock is perfect for van doors with hinges. The body is made from electropolished inox stainless steel and the plates are attached using rivets. You will also receive three keys and a non-scratch seal.

One of the reasons this Viro van lock with high security is a top choice is its ease of use. The locks can be installed to both the side and rear doors. To make sure you don’t have to change keys frequently A master key system is offered.

One of the best features of the Viro van lock is its internal release mechanism. This feature lets the lock’s unlocking continue even when the door is closed.

A pair of Inox stainless-steel screws are included to ensure a secure, smooth and long-lasting installation. The Viro high security van lock can also be purchased with an electronic master key system.

While you’re there, make sure to look around for the best price. Prices vary according to the manufacturer, location and the model. For a top quality Slam lock, expect to pay about PS130

In conclusion we can say that it’s clear that a Viro Van Lock is a well rounded product that you can rely on for the long run. Whether you want to protect your valuable possessions or sure you’re not the next victim of a burglar The Viro Van Lock is a fantastic investment.


The Ultilock van hooklock is a good choice for van security. These locks have proven to be extremely effective against thieves. The lock works by looping over an iron bar.

Every 23 minutes vans are being broken into in the UK. This is an issue that is getting worse. Fortunately, this type of lock can be installed on the side or back doors.

A crowbar can be a dangerous tool that thieves use to break into vans. To avoid injury an hook lock is an alternative to the deadlock that is commonly used.

Hook locks are more expensive than deadlocks. They also come with a limited warranty. It’s worth it if have the cash.

The ULTI Lock Hooklock van hooklock is the best available on the market. It is a modern design with innovative design modifications and component updates. It is also the only lock that has achieved Sold Secure Gold Standard status.

With the Ultilock van hooklock, you will be able to increase the security of your van while lowering the cost of insurance. These locks are more resistant to burglaries than standard deadlocks.

These locks are also designed to protect against theft of your vehicle’s cargo. They function as a visual deterrent. Talk to your insurance provider in case you’re not sure if you should install either a hook lock or deadlock.

If you’re not certain about the lock of your van, hire a professional locksmith to check it. They’ll be able to answer all your questions and help to install it correctly. You may also want to investigate a secondary Mortice lock, which is distinct from the body locking system.


Van hooklocks can be utilized as an additional security lock on commercial vehicles. They provide additional physical and visual deterrents and are easy to install and operate.

One of the most well-known tools used by van thieves is the crowbar. Hook locks are a better method to stop this destructive tool.

A hook lock is a bolt that is inserted into the body of the van. It then loops around a steel bar to keep the door from opening.

Hook locks aren’t foolproof however they offer a superior security solution than deadlocks. The most appealing aspect is that they are compatible with keys with high security.

However, if you decide to buy a hooklock, ensure that you pick the best one for your vehicle. The wrong choice could be risky.

Some vans do not have hook locks, which is why it’s difficult to install one. Employ a locksmith who is MLA-approved to install it for you If you don’t have the time or knowledge.

Most van manufacturers provide an upgrade that comes with a hook lock. These are typically installed on the door Hook Lock van for the driver. You should also consider purchasing an anti-drill plate for your vehicle to ensure that your cargo is secure.

If you are trying to cut down on your insurance costs, investing in van security systems is a smart choice. Besides preventing break-ins and theft, it also protects against theft.

An electronic hooklock might be worth looking into. This type of lock offers a good visual deterrent and can be linked with the central locking system for Hook lock Van maximum protection.

In addition to these features in addition, in addition, the TVL Security electronic van hook lock is a good option. It has been tested and is in good condition.

L4V S Series

A L4V S Series van lock hooklock is an excellent choice to improve the security of your van. These locks are a well-known security option for vans in the UK.

They are attached to the door and come with an electronic locking mechanism. The high-security key is the key that controls the locking mechanism. It locks automatically when the door is closed. This extra security is especially beneficial for delivery vehicles.

Another benefit of this lock is that it comes with an Anti-Peel Kit. It is mounted on the side load door and prevents it from cutting off.

It is essential to get your van’s deadlock installed by an expert. A poorly fitted lock can cause severe damage and may require costly repairs. In addition, a faulty lock could invalidate your van’s warranty.

Another option for adding security to your vehicle is to install a lock. This is an excellent option for couriers and drop-drivers with multiple drop-drivers. Slamlocks operate with an additional key, but they are only a single line of defense.

Alternately, you can opt to install an L4V T Series van hooklock. These deadlocks have been specifically designed for the highest level of security. Each model comes with a distinct lock case and cylinder.

They include an external key that is embossed with the L4V logo. The key is made of solid nickel silver that cannot be easily twisted. In contrast to slamlocks, a deadlock isn’t pickable from inside the van.

These locks are an excellent option for any commercial vehicle. They’re a reliable security feature that can be put in either in a low or high location on the doors.


A van hook lock is the perfect way to boost the security of your van. Combining two locks gives you the most protection. These van locks are high security and come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are extremely durable and can withstand breaking-ins.

The L4V hook lock van (maps.google.mg) Lock is one of the most popular and versatile van locks available on the market. It is comprised of a mechanical deadlock aswell as a hook lock. This locking mechanism is unique to the UK and is an essential addition to any van.

The Hook Lock is a clever security device that prevents the entry of thieves by creating a deadlocking bolt that loops over the crowbar. Hook locks are easier to duplicate than a crowbar, however it can be difficult to remove.

A van hook lock will cost you a lot however it’s well worth the cost. You will probably end up with the safest vehicle on the road in the long run.

When you are buying a lock for your hook, the most important thing is to be able use the key. There are many manufacturers of hook locks , including Sold Secure and ULTI Lock. You will find the best lock for your needs. If you are looking for a cheaper option, take a look at the ULTI Lock range. You can get one for about PS150.

A hook deadlocks lock is not for everyone. They’re an excellent purchase if your are tradesperson who is dependent on your van being secure.

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