How to Replace UPVC Window Handle

The kind of handle or lock you own is the first thing to consider when replacing a upvc window handle. The handle that is in-line with Espagnolette is a standard choice that will fit any UPVC window that is equipped with a crank system (where handling is required).

They have tiny screws or pins holding the spindle which you can remove by opening the window and twisting 90 degrees.


To replace window handles made of upvc first, you need to ensure that the handle is compatible with the window’s type and locking system. This will ensure the handle is easily opened and locked securely. Check that the replacement handle is the right size that fits your window. This will help determine whether it fits properly and if it is able to be operated with ease.

You’ll also need to know the kind of upvc handle that you’re using. They vary in size and appearance. Cockspur handles have a spur on the handle that connects to an elongated striker inside the frame of the window. They are commonly found on older uPVC windows. Espag handles are smaller and operate a locking mechanism within the window, using spindles.

Inline handles can be fixed either in the same way, however if you have a cranked handle it will need to be fixed in a way that it opens in the same direction as the old one (anti-clockwise for right-handed handles, or clockwise for left-handed handles). Inline handles can either be fixed one way or the other, however if you own a cranked handle it is necessary to fix it the same way as the old handle (anti-clockwise when it’s right handed and clockwise when it’s left handed).

If you are purchasing the latest window handle made of upvc, it is important that you determine the length of the spindle, to help to ensure that the new handle will fit your window. This can be done by measuring the height of the back of handle and the point where the spur extends from the handle. Check that the handle is the proper size for the window you have, and that the spindle length is correct for your existing lock.

If you’re unsure about the size of the spindle on your handle, try dropping something in the middle hole to see how far it will travel without hitting anything. This will give you a good idea of the maximum size your handle will be. It is also a good method to select the right handle. Once you know the length of the spindle of your window handle, you are able to install it in the same way as you removed it. Make sure it’s solidly fixed to the window and is easy to operate.


The process of replacing window handles is easy, regardless of whether you’re doing it for aesthetic reasons or an issue of practicality. You can buy a range of window handle replacement handles in various designs and finishes, including aluminum or timber. It is essential to choose the appropriate handle to ensure an ideal fit. This will also help prevent damage. To do this, you must first remove the old handle and then check the length of the spindle. The spindle is protruding from the its base and can be measured with the aid of a screwdriver. You can also measure a spindle on a handle using the same type of window to determine the correct size.

There are several types of uPVC locks and windows and all of them have different handles. The Espag handle is the most common and can be found on a variety of double glazed window handlesdouble glazed door handles windows and doors. Other types include tilt and turn handles blade or spade handles and monkey tail handles. There is also a broad selection of styles and colours that will suit any preferences.

It is important to act as quickly as you can if your uPVC handle is broken to ensure that your home is safe. A damaged window handle can provide an entry point for burglars, which is why it is crucial to repair the issue as quickly as you can. There are many methods to replace the handle on your window, but the most efficient method is to contact an expert.

The first step is to take off the cap of the screw and then unscrew the screws from the handle. You can then remove the handle off the frame. Installing a new handle is as easy as screwing it into place and ensuring that the lock’s spindle is properly inserted. Check that the handle you choose is compatible with both the type of window you have chosen and the locking system.

There are two kinds of uPVC handles: Espag and Cockspur. The former is typically found on modern uPVC windows and the latter mostly found on older UPVC windows. The distinction between the two is that the Espag handle has a mental spindle behind it that is the motor for the window mechanism. Cockspur handles are attached directly to window frames.


In the UK the majority of windows require a handle. Unfortunately, over time and through use regularly, these handles can suffer from wear and tear and eventually, they will need to be replaced. The good part is that replacing the uPVC window handle and lock is not only easy, but also can be quite affordable.

To begin, you will need to open the window and then leave it in an unlocked position. This will reveal the screw caps that are above and below the handle. After the screw caps are removed and the handle is free of screws, you are able to remove the old handle. When purchasing a replacement, make sure that it’s an exact match to your window size. This will ensure the new handle will not only fit perfectly, but also is easy to install.

It’s important to check the height of the step of the handle you have before buying a replacement, as this will tell you how tight or loose your window will be once shut. This can be done by measuring the distance between the handle’s base and the frame’s edge. This will allow you to locate an appropriate replacement and avoid any problems in the future.

You’ll need to remove the screw caps from the handle’s back by using the screwdriver. After you have removed the screw caps you will be able to see the two screw holes as well as the square cutout for the spindle. If you are purchasing a new handle, make sure that it is compatible with the current spindle cut-out. This will help prevent any future issues and ensure that your window will be safe.

The final step is to put in your new uPVC window handle. First, make sure that the window is locked in its position. Then, align the new handle with the existing screw holes and screw it in the right position. Finally replace the screw cover caps and test the handle to ensure it’s working correctly.

It’s easy to change the window handle and lock within five minutes. It’s crucial to take the time to choose the right handle and lock for your home and then install it properly.


Window locks and handles made of uPVC are made to last a long time, but they may wear out over time. In some instances, it might be necessary for the handle or lock to be replaced completely. This is a simple process that anyone who has a basic handtool can perform.

The first step is to take off the handle that was previously used. Start by removing the screw cap caps, which are situated near the base of the handle. After that, you will be able to take off the’snap in’ cover from the base of the handle. The second screw will be revealed. Once you have removed both screws, it will be easy to remove the handle from the window.

It’s crucial to know how the uPVC handle operates before replacing it. The majority of uPVC handle designs use spindles that run through the handle and is in contact with the lock on the window frame. The handle can be turned to open windows. The spindle may be an elongated peg, or a pin depending on the type of handle.

The size of a uPVC handle can differ from one model to the next It is therefore essential that you locate a precise replacement if yours is broken or damaged. It is also important to ensure that the handle fits in your window. To do this, simply take a measurement of the length of the spindle.

When it comes to replacing uPVC windows, there are many different choices available for residential and commercial properties. UPVC handles in addition to being inexpensive and durable, are also simple to install. They can be positioned on either single or double glazed window handle-glazed windows, and they are designed to withstand tough weather conditions.

uPVC screws have been made to fit in the holes of uPVC frames or doors. They are made of corrosion-resistant materials such as zinc, timber stainless steel or copper, and are usually coated with materials that stop rusting. In addition, uPVC screws are usually designed with self-drilling or self-tapping capabilities that means they can be put in place without the need to drill pilot holes.

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