Mesothelioma Lawsuits

Asbestos lawyers can hold the companies responsible for exposure accountable through an action. They could be former employers or asbestos producers.

The companies were aware of asbestos’ dangers, but did not inform their employees. These lawsuits seek to compensate the companies for their employees as well as victims.

Most asbestos lawsuits settle before trial. However, experienced lawyers are prepared to go all the way to an eventual jury trial, if needed.

Military Service

Mesothelioma is a rare but fatal illness, can affect veterans exposed to asbestos during their service in the military. Mesothelioma lawsuits are filed against asbestos firms that are accountable, and compensation may be awarded to cover the costs of treatment.

Asbest was present in many kinds of military equipment, including boilers, pipes, and engine rooms. Many types of military equipment, such as boilers, pipes, and engine rooms, were contaminated with asbestos. The Navy was the branch with the highest exposure to asbestos. This is the reason why a lot of Navy veterans are diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related diseases.

Asbestos-related victims are compensated in various ways as well as VA benefits and legal settlements. Since mesothelioma is classified as an incurable disease veterans are able to be eligible for VA disability benefits.

The amount of compensation veterans receive from the VA and legal settlements can assist in paying for their medical treatments, provide support for their families and enable them to lead a life of comfort. Asbestos lawyers can assist veterans to understand how these benefits work and assist in filing claims.

Lawyers can assist their clients bring asbestos lawsuits against producers of the deadly product. Many large companies were aware of asbestos’ dangers and were able to escape liability by filing for bankruptcy. However the mesothelioma lawyers of Waters Kraus & Paul hold asbestos-related companies accountable.

A few mesothelioma cases end in court, despite when the majority of cases settle. In a trial, victims are presented before a judge and a jury which could award more or less money than an agreement. In one mesothelioma trial, a jury awarded the victim’s family $40 million in damages. This is the highest verdict ever handed out in an asbestos case. The lawyers representing the victims must show that defendants were negligent and accountable for the victim being exposed to asbestos. This evidence is typically presented through the use of documents and testimony from people who worked with the victim.


In addition to financial damages and compensation for pain, the victims and their families could be entitled to medical expenses and compensation. The process can take a long time. It typically takes two years or more between diagnosis and when the victim is compensated. This is why it is important to find a mesothelioma attorney as soon as you can.

Asbestos lawsuits can be a bit complicated. They involve a variety of parties including multiple trusts as well as a complicated series of legal procedures. The lawsuits are filed by mesothelioma patients and their estates against the companies that manufactured asbestos-related products. The companies were often aware of the link between mesothelioma and asbestos but continued to manufacture asbestos products for decades. In the end thousands of asbestos-related victims have received compensation.

A huge number of lawsuits have led to the bankruptcy of numerous companies that manufacture asbestos-containing products. This has led to the development of a legal industry devoted exclusively to asbestos litigation.

Businesses that are still in business may file for bankruptcy to limit their exposure. The strategy, also known as the Texas Two-Step, is based on a state law that allows businesses with large liabilities to create a new subsidiary with few assets. The company then reorganizes the company through Chapter 11 and moves the assets and liabilities into the newly created subsidiary.

In most cases the new subsidiary will usually be in another jurisdiction to avoid lawsuits that relate to asbestos exposure that occurred before the restructuring. This has been the strategy in several high profile cases, including J&J’s reorganization of LTL Management, which faced 40,000 claims for baby powder. Gordon’s firm represents a number clients currently employing this strategy, including Georgia-Pacific Bestwall which is currently facing 60, 000 claims.

Asbestos lawsuits can be complicated because of statutes of limitations. Mesothelioma usually occurs between 10 and 40 years following asbestos exposure. State laws, also known as statutes or limitations allow victims between one and five years to file a lawsuit. In the case of grievous death, the family members have a period of one to three years from the date of the loved one’s death to file claims.


Many times, asbestos-related diseases result in substantial settlements. In certain cases, such as the wrongful death suit brought by the family an asbestos pipefitter, a jury settlements of millions of dollars. In other cases, victims accept a small amount. The primary reason is that many businesses which once manufactured and used asbestos are now closed or bankrupt. Asbestos companies that file for bankruptcy must follow a court-approved procedure which requires them to reserve large amounts of money in order to pay future victims. These trusts do allow for more claimants to receive compensation but the amount is often significantly reduced from what might have been granted in a tort case.

The value of an asbestos claim is based on the severity of the condition, the length of time it took for the victim to develop the disease and the severity of the suffering suffered by the victim. The value of a dollar is determined by the amount of medical expenses and lost wages, as well as the severity of the victim’s suffering.

Most states have statutes that restrict the time frame in which a victim of mesothelioma or a related asbestos-related injury, can bring a lawsuit against a defendant. The date that the plaintiff was diagnosed with mesothelioma is usually an effective notice that begins the clock for the time limit.

Most mesothelioma cases are settled or resolved by the court because mesothelioma is a fatal cancer that can take years to manifest symptoms. However, when mesothelioma patients do die before their case reaches an agreement, their estates can continue pursuing an asbestos lawsuit to collect compensation on their behalf.

Waters Kraus and Paul’s lawyers represent clients across a broad range of industries across the United States and around the world who have suffered from asbestos exposure. We hold asbestos producers and their insurers accountable for their roles in exposing victims to this dangerous chemical. We have represented families of mesothelioma patients in court cases against companies that were located across the United States, Canada and the Middle East including Iran.


If a trial is held, victims can receive verdicts worth millions of dollars. These awards may cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses resulting from asbestos exposure. A jury may also award punitive damage to punish the responsible business for their conduct and to discourage others from putting consumers or employees at risk.

An asbestos lawsuit could help families of mesothelioma patients get back on their legs after losing a loved one to the disease. Families are often required to take time off from work to care for mesothelioma sufferers and this results in a loss of income. Mesothelioma settlements and judgments can pay for the expenses and provide family members a financial future.

Asbestos lawsuits are among the longest-running mass torts in U.S. history. The litigation has caused numerous companies to declare bankruptcy and has also led to the creation of asbestos trust funds to pay victims. Studies have proven that exposure to asbestos causes lung damage and illnesses like mesothelioma.

A mesothelioma lawyer can build and negotiate a case to ensure that clients receive the most lucrative award. A lawyer with experience can guide clients through the advantages of settling claims versus going to trial. An attorney can explain how various state statutes of limitations and asbestos laws could impact the claim.

During the trial attorneys and their clients conduct a series interviews called discovery. During this stage, attorneys collect evidence and details from defendants in order to prepare for trial. Many defendants settle during this phase to avoid a potentially damaging verdict by a jury.

A mesothelioma lawyer who is experienced has the experience and resources necessary to hold accountable asbestos distributors, manufacturers and insurance companies accountable for their negligence. Waters Kraus & Paul attorneys have successfully held asbestos companies accountable for their negligence and negotiated substantial settlements for their clients. Contact us now to discuss how we can assist your family and you get the justice you deserve. We represent people nationwide who were exposed to asbestos. We can assist you in obtaining the compensation you deserve if or bridgejelly71>Fusi.Serena someone you know has contracted an asbestos-related condition.

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