Sage Coffee Machines

Sage coffee machines typically have a built-in burr grinder and an easy grind amount dial that allows the beans that have been ground directly into the portafilter. They also come with a low pressure pre-infusion and 9 bar extraction system to ensure perfect espresso every time.

Choose your single or double shot. Steam the milk using the steam wand with automatic steam and enjoy your cafe style coffee at home.

Barista Express

The Barista Express is a high-quality espresso maker that gives you the experience of a cafe at home. It comes with a variety of features for those who want to test their skills, but it also includes options to help beginners get great shots quickly. It’s a bit more expensive than the other models we have tested, but it offers a higher quality of performance.

The machine is equipped with a thermocoil which heats quickly and allows for smooth transitions between brewing and the process of vaporizing. It is one of the few machines that make that perfect layer of steamed milk for lattes, which is difficult to achieve without lots of practice. This was a crucial aspect for us as we wanted to find the machine that could produce the rich and creamy cafe-style coffee that we adore. The Barista Express did achieve this, but took longer than other models we tested.

It comes with a massive tank that can hold up to 67 pounds. It is easy-to-refill and has an integrated water filter that reduces impurities to keep your coffee machine dolce Gusto fresh. The machine is simple to clean, which is a important feature. It is recommended that you descale the machine every 3-5 months to prevent the buildup of minerals on the internal components.

The Barista Express, like the other Breville machines that we tested, coffee machine dolce Gusto is made for users to test their skills. This means that it does not have the more advanced features found in other Breville models, like an LCD display that shows the amount of water and pressure is being used, as well as an automatic milk frother. But this doesn’t mean the Barista Express isn’t a great alternative for coffee enthusiasts who are looking to upgrade their home espresso machine.

This model has four portafilter baskets that include pressurized and non-pressurized versions. The machine also comes with a top-quality and convenient tamper. The tamper comes with a broad range of adjustments that allows you to get the ideal amount of pressure on your ground when you shoot. It also comes with a low-pressure pre-infusion stage that helps make sure that the grind is level, and make for an efficient extraction at 9 bar pressure.

Dual Boiler

The machine was designed by Sage (or Breville in other countries) for those who would like high-end espresso at home. It has a few features that distinguish it from the rest of the market. First, it comes with an in-built portafilter that is bottomless, which gives the espresso shot a nice appearance and lets you observe how much pre-infusion occurred. Additionally, it has a manual button that keeps the machine in pre-infusion until you press the manual button once more. This is an amazing feature that replicates the way baristas at cafes work and makes it easy to make great shots every time.

It also comes with a steam pressure gauge which is quite cool, as well as the ability to adjust the pre infusion power for different extraction times. This feature isn’t typical on machines that are domestic, but it makes a huge difference to your shots. It also features a handy window that displays the level of water so you know when to refill.

The most significant thing that distinguishes this machine from the other Sage alternatives is that it features the dual boiler system. This allows it to brew and steam simultaneously which is extremely useful when making milk-based drinks. It also has a PID which lets you control the brew temperatures which is not found on many other machines. The only drawback is that this machine costs more than a single boiler or heat exchanger systems.

Aside from that, the EB590 is loaded with other great features. For example, it can be programmed to turn on at a particular time, so that it’s ready whenever you are. This is an interesting feature that isn’t found in many machines. It’s great for people who depend on their coffee maker in the morning to wake them up.

The standby mode as well as the auto shutdown are very beneficial for energy efficiency. The auto shutoff is particularly beneficial, since it will automatically switch off after a period of one hour of inactivity. This can help you save money on your electric bill, while also extending the longevity of the machine.


Sage coffee machines are made specifically for the user, which is evident from their selection. They’ve realised that not everyone wants to face the challenges of barista style espresso making. Therefore, their machines aim to automatize as much of the process as they can while still allowing users to be involved in the extraction and texturing of milk for cappuccino and the art of latte. Many of their models also have a built-in burr grinder, or are compatible with a stand-alone model for a complete bean-to-cup experience.

The Oracle is a good illustration of this. It comes with the amazing Sage Dual Boiler at its base and makes use of it to make excellent quality espresso. It then adds automatic dosing, tamping and milk texturing to negate the requirement for any barista expertise. Other features include programmable pouring and a triple-heat system. It is also one of the most expensive domestic coffee machines nespresso makers available.

If you are seeking a lower-cost Sage machine then the Duo Temp Pro might be worth a look, it does not come with the App based technology and pressure gauge of the Oracle however it’s an excellent bean-to-cup machine. It features a large tank of water and can be used with filter coffee as well as ground coffee. It also includes steam wands, as well as an electronic display. The three second heat up time is impressive. Most commercial machines take a long time reach the required temperature for extraction.

Sage Precision Brewer, the latest addition to the line of filter nespresso coffee machine makers made by Sage is a machine which is not just expensive, but also comes with a variety of interesting and useful features. This makes it stand out from its competition. It comes with various fittings for the brew basket so you can use different filters. The cone’s inner can be removed to allow you to reuse the filter. It has a handy clock that you can set the night before making a quick jug in the morning. The automatic texturing of milk is also a great feature. You can alter it to your preferences so that you can get an even or smooth brew.

Duo Temp Pro

Sage Duo Temp Pro makes the perfect machine for those who wish to make specialty coffees from the third wave at home. This espresso maker comes with a low-pressure pre-infusion system that guarantees even extraction and balanced flavor. It comes with a tamper to make it easier to apply the proper amount pressure when compacting the ground coffee machine dolce gusto into the portafilter. It also has an excellent maintenance indicator that will let you know when to clean your machine.

The Duo Temp Pro has a number of outstanding features that set it apart from other espresso machines available on the market. Its purge feature automatically ensures that the water temperature is kept consistent throughout the making process. The stainless steel tank is also constructed to last. It is equipped with an 1800W thermocoil heating system that allows you to get the best quality espresso every time.

It is important to keep in mind that this machine does not come with a built-in grinder. It is recommended that you make use of a Sage Barista Touch or an external grinder with an adjustable dose control to get the most out of this machine. It also is not self-cleaning, which means you’ll need to do routine maintenance like decalcifying and washing. These tasks take about 30 minutes, but they’re not arduous and are an essential component of keeping the machine in good condition.

If you are a novice in the art of making espresso, the Duo Temp Pro will require some learning curves. It’s not as simple to use as fully automatic machines however, you can make a fantastic cup of espresso by following the steps. The brew valve is pressed against the grinds by splashing them with lower-pressure water prior to ramping up to full pressure which can help correct tiny errors in tamping and grind size. This can help new users enjoy an improved tasting cup.

Another excellent feature of the Duo Temp Pro is its steam wand. It has a 1600-watt element that is able to produce plenty of milk to make cappuccinos and flat whites. It comes with a substantial steel milk container that is able to handle high heat for microfoam. The wand comes with an adjustable dial that gives you complete control over time of your steaming.

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