Autowatch Ghost 2 Immobiliser Installation Service

Install an immobiliser from Ghost that is TASSA approved and DBS security checked.

The Ghost system is completely silent and operates via the CAN data network of your vehicle. It cannot be detected by thieves using diagnostic tools, as it does not emit any radio signals.

Easy to install

Autowatch Ghost is a discreet anti-theft gadget that protects your vehicle from key cloning or hacking. It utilizes your vehicle’s buttons to generate the pin code push sequence which must be entered in order to start your car ghost immobiliser. This will stop thieves from taking your keys and driving away with your pride and joy or at least, putting off your journey to have your car repaired!

The system can be easily installed by an approved installer, such as Car Theft Solutions. No wires are cut during installation. It connects directly to the vehicle’s CAN data networks which means there aren’t any ‘fobs’ or indicators to signal the presence of the device. This makes it extremely difficult for burglars to identify, unlike passive anti theft devices such as steering wheels locks.

When the Ghost 2 is installed in your Porsche it will be unnoticed by thieves and blocked if they try to start your car without either entering a pin or app authorisation. The system is able to do this because it uses the factory buttons, such as those on the steering wheel or on the centre console to allow you to set up a unique disarm sequence (similar to a PIN number) which needs to be entered before the engine will start.

You can set the Ghost in Valet and Service mode once you’ve developed your own disarming sequence. This allows you to start your car when it’s being serviced or taken to a garage for work but will only let you use your pre-set app or pin. You can also retrieve a new PIN if you forget it. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone driving your car who aren’t.

The Ghost 2 has QR finger print labels which are linked to the International Security Register and registered to you. This gives you an extra degree of security in the unlikely event that your vehicle is damaged by parts, as the unique code enables your car to be instantly traced back to you.


The car thieves are more sophisticated than ever before, and the technology has evolved to keep up. Stealth immobilisers were created to stop your vehicle from becoming their next target. Ghost immobilisers function independently of the car’s factory-installed alarm or tracker, as well as other security devices. They provide an extra level of protection which cannot be altered.

This advanced technology connects to your vehicle’s CAN Data Network and a personalized PIN code sequence is programmed using the buttons on your steering wheel door cards or central console. The Ghost immobiliser won’t begin to start the engine if the unique code isn’t entered prior the start of it. This will stop you and your passengers driving away.

The device is small enough that it is able to be concealed inside the wiring loom of the vehicle to make it unnoticeable. It’s weatherproof and silent and does not emit radio frequency signals, which means it cannot be detected by the sophisticated RF scanning or code grabbing technologies that some thieves employ. Additionally, because it is connected to the CAN Data Network it can’t be disabled with simple wire cutting or circuit jumps, which makes it a low-maintenance device.

If you intend to sell your car at any point, the Ghost immobiliser can be transferred to the new vehicle if it meets compatibility requirements. If you decide to switch vehicles during the time you own the Ghost it won’t be deemed obsolete. This is a great benefit for those who take pride in their vehicles.

Unlike many older generation immobilisers The Ghost does not require a separate key fob or LED signal to function, so it can be used in darkness. The PIN is programmable (up to 20 presses) and can be changed in an emergency if you forget it. It is also possible to put it in valet and service mode, allowing your car to be driven for a brief period of time if you need to leave it with valet or mechanic for some work without having to remember your PIN.

Unrecognizable to thieves

An immobiliser that is factory fitted protects your vehicle by preventing the engine from starting without the proper key fob and code sequence. However an immobiliser called a Ghost immobiliser works differently. It is connected to the CAN data circuit and then communicating with your vehicle’s electronic control unit. This means that thieves are unable to get around the system by reprogramming or other methods. It’s also quiet and doesn’t emit radio signals, making it impossible to detect or spoof.

This means that if you have a unique or expensive car, Ghost immobiliser review ( can keep your pride and joy from the hands of thieves. You can also feel safe knowing that your investment in customizing or altering your vehicle is secured.

Ghost is a discrete, simple device that is plugged into the wiring of your car. It won’t affect the aesthetics of the vehicle. It connects to the CAN network and communicates via the steering wheel of your car or the center console buttons. It is easy to install, and it can be hidden to make it undetectable by a thief. It is also low maintenance and doesn’t require batteries or a radio signal to operate, which means it won’t be vulnerable to hacking.

The autowatch ghost immobiliser fitting Ghost-II Anti-Key Clone Immobiliser is an elegant new device that can equip your car with the most advanced security. This is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser to be verified by TASSA. It’s a must for anyone who is concerned about the safety of their car.

It is essential to avoid car thefts, since they are on the rise. The Ghost immobiliser offers a great solution. This system is smart and locks your vehicle until you enter a unique code or use the application. This prevents a thief from starting your car with the proper keys.

Making the investment in a Ghost immobiliser is a small cost to pay for peace of mind. Particularly if you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your car It can be painful to lose it to criminals. The Ghost immobiliser is the best option to safeguard your precious possessions so that you can keep it where it belongs.

It can be fitted without marks on the internal body of the vehicle.

Immobilisers are devices that stop your vehicle from being driven without your key fob. Immobilisers are required in new cars since 1998. They are installed in your vehicle’s CAN data network, which means that thieves are unable to detect their presence or disable them by cutting wires. It is nearly impossible for thieves steal your car since they are unable to start it without a key fob, or a mobile phone with the Autowatch application downloaded. This what is a ghost immobiliser especially important if you have spent time and money on customizing your vehicle as it will prevent thieves from stealing your car without your permission.

The Ghost 2 immobiliser is able to be installed in a concealed position to ensure that it is not visible to anyone not properly trained. It connects to the CAN and operates via your ECU (engine control unit). It is tiny, quiet and doesn’t emit radio signals. This makes it impossible for a thief to detect. The Ghost has a built in battery that can be replaced and will continue to operate even if there is a power failure.

Once the Ghost is fitted, it will require a pin code sequence to be entered for the car to begin. This can be done using the app on your smartphone and only you will be able to identify the code. You can also set your vehicle in Service/Valet Mode, which allows it to start without requiring the PIN code. This is beneficial when you need to transport your vehicle to Valet or garage. You can change your PIN code at anytime to provide more security.

The technology used to fight thieves has also advanced as they have become more sophisticated. The Ghost is a prime example of this, since it can protect your prized possessions from theft by combating key cloning, hacking and even stop them from getting keys in the first place. The Ghost is a market-leading aftermarket immobiliser that is TASSA verified, which means that insurance companies can recognise it and offer lower rates for drivers. If you’re worried about the influx of new thieves and want to do your bit to lower the risk then the Ghost is the perfect solution for Ghost Immobiliser Review you.

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