What to Look For in Over the Ear Headphones

The best headphones for you will depend on what you need in terms of your listening habits, as well as preferences. Over-the-ear headphones are popular for their audio quality and noise cancellation.

They sit over your ear and block out ambient noise better than on-ear headphones that rest on your ear, which can get hot or press down hot after long listening sessions.

Noise Cancellation

A great pair of over-ear headphones will isolate you from the world around you better than earbuds can, and they typically utilize active noise cancellation to block out sounds from the outside. The headphones employ microphones to detect sounds around you, and then digitally invert the frequencies to cancel them out. It’s a difficult process, but it’s extremely effective. This can help you focus in noisy work environments or sleep during a train or plane journey, and even to block out your noisy neighbour’s music.

In our tests, we discovered that headphones with over-ears are more effective than earbuds at blocking out outside sounds. They are also the best choice for commuters. They do leak higher-frequency sound, especially at higher volume levels. This means that you might have to crank up your music more than the case if you were using earbuds but it’s worth it to enjoy the peace and peace.

Over-ear headphones are larger than other types of headphones, and therefore they can accommodate larger drivers. This can provide more frequencies. Over-ear headphones can provide amazing bass if searching for them. In our current favourites the Sony WH1000XM4, you can expect to hear frequencies as low as 4Hz, and as high as 40kHz.

Some ANC headphones let you manually disable the noise cancellation function if you wish to let some external sound in. Some have a transparency mode that can be turned on to allow this function. If you intend to use your headphones for purposes other than music, check for features such as an inbuilt microphone that can be used for hands-free calls as well as voice assistants (e.g. Apple’s Siri or Amazon Alexa).

Most pairs of ANC headphones these days are wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity, making them easy to pair with your phone and listen to music on the move. In the future, wireless models also have microphones that allow you to make calls and participate in video conferences.


Bass is one of the most important aspects when it comes to headphones. Whether it’s a booming beat or a smooth melodies it allows us to feel the music and get in the groove. It also helps us keep time with the beat and rhythm of the music. This is the reason why many headphones come with an equalizer for audio, which can be used to regulate the bass volume.

Over-the-ear headphones generally come with large drivers that produce a wider range of frequencies than smaller headphones, particularly at the lower end, where bass lives. This is why over-ear headphones typically have superior bass than earbuds. The sound quality also improves as they are able to block out more ambient noise since the earcups are able to seal around your ears instead of being inside them as earbuds do.

The ear cups are generally constructed of padded materials to ensure they are comfortable for long listening sessions. The headband is also padded to reduce stress on the ears and good Wireless over Ear headphones head. These features, when combined with the ergonomic design, make over-ear headphones an ideal choice for good Wireless over ear headphones people who listen frequently to music.

Generally speaking, over the ear headphones are more expensive than other kinds of headphones. They could be worth the money when they are equipped with the latest technologies such as active noise cancellation or Bluetooth. If you’re an audiophile, try headphones that feature top quality components and high-resolution DAC mode to play high-resolution music. If you’re willing to spend less, there are plenty of great options out there too.

The Focal Bathys wireless headphones are a dream for audiophiles, with a sleek aluminum detailing and Nappa leather. They are designed to bring mixing booth quality listening to your everyday. The Sivga Oriole over-ear headphones with a 1.8m cord and 50mm dynamic drivers are an outstanding example of value. They also include an 3.5mm adapter, a 6.3 adapter, and hemp carrying case.


Over-ear headphones, unlike earbuds are able to completely encapsulate your ears with a larger headband that covers a larger part of the skull. This means that they’re generally more comfortable and are ideal for long listening sessions. Over-ear headphones are also more effective at noise cancellation, as they block out the background noise.

The fit of the headphones may affect the comfort. If the headband isn’t tight enough, it can put pressure on your earlobes that could cause discomfort or even pain. If the earcups on the other hand are too small, they can cause irritation to your ear canals or punctures. The depth and size of the ear cups is crucial as they can significantly alter the quality of your listening experience.

Over-ear headphones have bigger drivers than in-ear models, allowing them to cover a larger frequency range, particularly in the lower tier, where bass is strongest. They have more space which allows them to use larger and more powerful components. This results in a more resonant sound and more expansive soundstage. Lastly, they are often lighter and have more user-friendly features like automatic audio controls.

The drawback of this additional power is that over-ear headphones may be more difficult to transport and carry than in-ear or on-ear models. They also are more likely to become sweaty and hot when worn for prolonged periods of time. Fortunately, manufacturers are starting to take these issues into consideration by making their over-ear headphones more lightweight and equipped with features that allow them to be worn longer periods of time.

For instance, some over-ear headphones now feature foldable ear cups that fold to a smaller size for easy storage and transportation. They also come with more flexible headbands that can be adjusted to provide an ideal and more comfortable fit. Wireless connectivity, integrated microphones as well as smart assistant support, and even noise cancelling built-in for hands-free calls are other features that make headphones for over-ear more portable and comfortable. These make over-ear headphones an excellent option for business and commuters. travelers.


The design of the headphones can impact the sound quality. The size of the earcups could impact the soundstage. The larger drivers will also produce a more bass. Open-back headphones offer a wider soundstage than closed back models. Certain premium headphones also have advanced acoustics and built-in audio processing to enhance certain aspects of sound, including frequency response and total harmonic distortion.

The majority of earphones for over-ear use are constructed of foam or a similar material to ensure comfort, with padding on the cups and around the ears. This makes them suitable for long listening sessions. The size of your head will determine how comfortable the headphones are. If you are planning to wear them with a hat, or desire more flexibility, opt for an adjustable design that allows you to move the cups further away from your ears.

Many over-ear headphones have an active noise cancellation function that makes use of an audio microphone to detect the ambient noise. It then plays back frequencies to block the unwanted sound. It works in the same way as a door can block out sounds from another room. Over-ear headphones are more effective at active noise cancellation than some on-ear models.

Certain headphones for over-ear use, such as the Focal Bathys Wireless, feature a default sound profile that tends to have high-end bass. This can give plenty of thump that can complement EDM and hip-hop, however vocals and instruments can be lost in the mix. The companion app includes a graphic EQ as well as presets and other features to customize the sound profile.

The Sennheiser Momentum 4 good wireless over ear headphones is a pair over-ear headphones with the best audio quality. These headphones offer the benefit of a 60-hour battery, a sophisticated adaptive algorithm for noise cancellation, and an intense sound that takes you into a musical realm. These headphones are more expensive than other over-ear models, but they’re worth the cost due to their top-quality build and the wide array of features.

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