Seat Keys Make Unbuckling Car Seats Easier

We’ve all experienced that moment when you reach behind the seat to remove the car seat but are unable to achieve enough strength behind your thumb to press down on the red button. Seat keys are available to assist.

Created by namra car seat accessory is simple to use by simply sliding the metal tongue into the red release button of the harness from any angle and squeeze with two hands.


Many parents have felt a feeling of weakness as they attempted to unbuckle a car seats in the backseat, only to find out that they weren’t able to exert enough force to push the large red button. It can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience especially when kids are in the car and you are trying to speed up the process before they become bored.

The seat replacement Key cost ( keys of namra solve this problem. The car seat keys allow you to spread the pressure across your entire hand, instead of a single finger. It can be easily stored in your keychain and is away from the reach of your child.

Slide the seat key over red release button on the harness at any angle that feels comfortable. Then gently squeeze the buckle downwards using two hands. This essential baby registry item is available in several colors and styles, making it easy for parents to identify and retains its shape even when exposed to extreme cold or heat.


The car seat key is an easy accessory that assists parents who have difficulty unbuckling their child’s car seat. We’ve all been in a situation where we need to climb into the rear seat keys replacement to unbuckle the harness, but aren’t able to push the red button enough. This typically happens when we are in a hurry and don’t have the strength when our hands are full with food.

The unique seat spare key key from NAMRA makes this process easier and 비회원구매 more comfortable, and comes in a range of colors that will fit the interior of your car. To use, simply move the seat key over the red button of release for Dbhj Frenchbull Co`s blog your harness from any angle and then squeeze using just one or two hands. This device eases the stress on your hands and fingers by distributing the force. It is particularly beneficial for those who have long fingernails or hand issues.

The seat key replacement key also has an in-built feature that allows you to save the location of your mirrors and driver’s seat, so that when you lock the vehicle using the remote key and then unlock the car at the same time, the mirrors and seats are automatically set in the correct positions. This can be very useful when you travel frequently with a person you know, who may have different seating preferences or need to use the car for business.


The majority of parents have had moments when they’re trying to remove their child from their car seat and they can’t make the effort to push that huge, red button hard enough for it to be effective. This can be a hassle, no matter if you’re having an unlucky day or weak hand. But a company known as NAMRA has come up with a product which could finally allow us to get those car seats unbuckled without difficulty.

The Seat Key is a small device that helps you release the red button by distributing the pressure. The company claims it is made of durable materials that are safe and non-toxic. It can be put on a keychain, which means it’s easy to use and out of reach for your children. Rachel Rothman, chief technologist at the Good Housekeeping Institute, tested one. She found it useful but not a miracle solution. “Sliding it between the baby and the buckle still requires some force, and attaching it to my key ring made it heavy,” she writes. “But at just $15 it’s a great value to the arsenal of baby equipment.”

Don’t leave the seat car key replacement Key transmitter in a hot vehicle. It could get too hot and cause damage to the seat or other electronics. Do not use it near radio-emitting equipment, such as cellular phones and computers, or with metal objects.


Every seat key has the transponder, which is coded to the engine of your car. This extra security system means that if you don’t have the correct code, your vehicle will not start. This is an additional security feature that is standard in every car manufactured after 1995. It is an excellent benefit for those worried about stolen or lost keys to their car.

This is especially important when you have children who make playthings out of seat key remotes. They may be tempted to play with them at home or play with them outside the vehicle, which can then open the doors and operate the controls of the car like power windows. This could be dangerous and can result in someone getting injured or even dying. To prevent this from happening, it is an excellent idea to keep a spare set of keys for the seat safe.

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